Middle Of Everywhere – Hanson Release Their Greatest Hits

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Middle Of Everywhere – Hanson Release Their Greatest Hits

“We’re really excited to be at the point of the band where we feel like we have a robust body of work that permits  a ‘Greatest Hits’ collection,” says Taylor, 34. “You’re always questioning whether you should really be doing retrospectives … and 25 years in, we felt like we were finally at that point.” With these words Taylor Hanson expressed to People Magazine, the band’s perspective on their present position, celebrating the past and looking ahead to new horizons.

Over 25 years Hanson have pursued their passion to make music.
Their story is one of determination to fulfil the potential of their own talents and their dreams.
From the music made in a 3 car garage, through their purpose built studio, to the musical hub in the centre of downtown Tulsa, they have shown time and again, that they were born to share this passion with others.

Each of their albums represents a stage in the evolution of their music and sheds insight into their personal perspective on living life to the full.
With each step of walking this journey they have done what the artist must do – make something beautiful and then give it away.

Their music has gained fans for a lifetime, been the anthem for a generation, marked the seasons and changed lives around the world.
Their Greatest Hits is much more than a collection of loved and treasured songs.
It is a remarkable achievement proving longevity, creativity, resilience and passion. 

It brings together moments from the first chapters of a brilliant career and sets the stage for the next.
Over time #Hanson have thanked many people who have contributed to their success.
Today we thank them.

Read what Hanson and others are saying about this collection of 25 years of music making.



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