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“We’re not a boy band-we’re a rock group!” Insists Zac, the youngest member of Hanson. No argument there: The term “boy band” wasn’t even really in play when Zac and his brothers Taylor and Isaac exploded onto the scene with their 1997 album Middle of Nowhere and its infectious single “MMMBop.”

Since then, teens and teen-oriented groups have ambushed the pop charts, but it was Hanson that opened the floodgates, and the band did it in true rocker style: by writing and playing their own music. “We were just born to rock,” jokes Taylor. And that’s just what they do on their new disc, This Time Around, which is also the title of the album’s first single. “It’s about the drive of the human spirit- being willing to die for something you believe in,” Isaac explains.

OK, so it doesn’t sound like the usual adolescent love song, but don’t think that means they’re denying their teenhood. On the contrary. “From the beginning, teenagers (have) driven rock and roll,” Taylor says, referring to the likes of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens. “That’s just the way it is: Teenagers rule the world.”

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