Insta-Island : Back To The Island Through The lens

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Insta-Island : Back To the Island Through The Lens

Instagram has made almost everything just a click away. Moments are captured, events documented and shared, all in an instant. And while Back To The Island remains a dream for many, Instagram makes it virtually possible.

If Island Gigs are just a little too far away from reality for you, then Instagram and the fans who generously share their experiences have opened a door onto the beach and into the music. Whatever the weather, the views and the sounds are within reach.

Many accounts post pictures which bring the experience never to close for comfort.
We have asked some Instagram users to share their favourite captures with us and from their moments with friends, Hanson and the music, they have responded.


” That one time I met Taylor”
I’ve been such a fan of these guys for two decades and never would have dreamed that one day I would see them so close! My friends had to check I didn’t photoshop myself onto this one! I haven’t but we’ve all been there, haven’t we?


Can Taylor tie dye? Can a fandom play it cool next to him? Who knows, but this is my face when a Hanson surprises you and comes over to your table unannounced. No time to play it cool, but also I haven’t tie dyed since I was about 7. So many things about this picture are amazing! I still don’t think I can tie dye but I was heavily distracted!!

I love Ike after the Island Gigs, he is a gem. But my heart belongs to Tay. The meet and greet was mere seconds, but these out of context photos will last a lifetime. They also have aceboater service out there.

Another one of Taylor before he ran into the ocean. Some of us joined him and some of us waited on the shore, uncertain if this was normal Island fun. Has he actually gone to sea? He did and it wasn’t but hopefully it will be because I cannot wait for the next impromptu group gig ocean dip.

I forget what they were laughing about in this one, but this was my face for the entire 5 days. If it wasn’t open mouthed shock (OMG is that Isaac on Karaoke? Is that Tay doing shots? Is that Zac in the hat? … spoiler alert … yes it was) my cheeks were aching from laughing and smiling so much. Happy Island jams with 400 of my newest friends!


lauren @thomasjsmywifey

Meeting Andrew was a pleasure. He’s always full of energy on stage and an amazing bassist. Also I got to wish him a Happy birthday.

Taylor gave my new friend Amanda his tie dye shirt because it was her birthday.


Zac assisting us with tie dye since we were newbies.

This is a favourite because Taylor joined in our debauchery. He took 10 shots in a row! He’s a trooper. I wonder how he felt on the flight home!


Rachel @aersonick

BTTI is full of uncertainty. You don’t know what’s going to happen from day to day. I was sitting on my balcony waiting for breakfast to arrive and Taylor pops up on the beach. Then he dove into the ocean that afternoon in the exact same spot. So one of my favorite photos would be catching Taylor on the beach because later he did share a selfie from that moment!


Misty @_mistydawn

Even though Isaac’s my favorite, I hardly ever seem to get pictures of his guitar face that I’m happy with, but this was one of the shots I liked most from the Rock All Night show — and really, from the whole event.

My favorite song! This was from the Members-Only songs show, during “I Don’t Want to Go Home.” It seemed so appropriate to have what they call “the choir” sing the title line, because that song speaks for most of us.

I have been trying to get this shot (in focus) for years, and finally managed it during “If Only” at the Singles Show.  One of the great things about a whole show of songs we know best is that we also know what’s going to happen when; the hard part was breaking the single rule of a Hanson concert — “You cannot stand still!” long enough to take it!

Isaac asked on Instagram what we wanted to hear before the show, and I don’t think he had an actual set list in there so much as a list of maybes.  Sometimes that’s more fun, anyway.

Jaclyn @itzjaclyn

Taylor hopping in our group selfie and being so nice this entire trip!

I saved this baby turtle while Hanson sang “I was born”. It gave the song a whole new meaning to me ❤️

Playing the never ending game of family feud with Isaac with my best friend


This is a tradition for us… we’ve done this every year (with different people) since the first BTTI. I Love being with the people who make this trip amazing


Lisa Turner @bakingfortheoffice

I can’t believe he played a whole set in soaking wet jeans.

Welcome to the island

It’s a smiley Ike kind of Sunday.


Minna @hansonphotosbyminna

The Zac solo show kicked things off at BTTI2018 with many rare songs played! My favourites were On The Rocks and Letters In The Mailbox.

Taylor finishing one of the many mellower songs he played for his solo show.

These images might capture something only from a distance, but as Hanson once said, watch from a distance beautiful.
From the rarer songs, to Hanson rolling up their soggy sleeves, to nature revealing its marvels as the music played, the Island experience has again given much.

The pictures chosen for this piece give a sense of what that experience offers and thanks to these fans and instagram, we can all catch some of the mood and excitement.

Many thanks to all the fans who shared their pictures and words with us for this piece.





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