High Voltage – Hanson at HOB Anaheim Photos

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High Voltage Magazine – Hanson at HOB Anaheim Photos Oct 23rd
By Chelsea Schwartz

High Voltage Magazine regularly and lovingly post great photos of Hanson and during SXSW 2017 gave us exclusive photos taken by Chelsea Schwartz

Chelsea was at the Hanson show in Anaheim and took some fantastic shots of our favourite musicians in action.

Chelsea says …

“Celebrating their 25th anniversary as a band, Hanson took the stage in Anaheim for a two-hour set of greatest hits. These hits weren’t just chart-topping Hanson radio singles, but deep cut fan favorites and classic rock hits from artists who inspired the brothers. Talk about a band who knows how to please their audience, Hanson didn’t even have an opening act for their sold out show – they just got right to the point filling the room with their brotherly harmonies and high energy, feel good pop/rock tunes. Simply fantastic. Dear Hanson, here’s to another 25 years!”

High Voltage Hanson at HOB Anaheim

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