The Finally It’s Christmas Tour Rings All The Right Bells.

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Hanson’s latest Christmas album was eagerly awaited by ardent fans of the band, lovers of Christmas music and music industry aficionados.

Hanson fans have been treated to new Christmas music for the past few years and so they knew that this album would have a classy taste but music insiders may have wondered if the band would avoid the cliches of Christmas music with its many holly lined pitfalls and over used sentiments.

The album, the video for the single Finally It’s Christmas and the tour itself have all proved what the fans already knew and others speculated upon – that Hanson are among the very few artists who can create a seasonal work that does justice to the meaning of Christmas while adding freshness to the songs that have marked its coming over decades.

The tour has been a delight.

The stage, dressed in ever green, candy stripes and fairy lights has hinted at Christmas decoration without being over done. After all this is a rock and roll show and the presentation of the music has let none forget that.

This has been classic Hanson with all the skill that each member brings with their considerable instrumental and vocal talents, both individually and together.

For me the test is in the sincerity with which Hanson’s songs are written and performed. Their presence here was genuine, heartfelt and the music rang with integrity.

If Christmas is about life and hope and joy and love, then Hanson brought all the right bells to sound and sound them they did.

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The two features above praise the tour ( NYC ) and the video, enjoying the nostalgia offered by both while loving the impeccable entertainment that Hanson always are.




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