Is there life after ‘MMMBop’? Hanson — yes, that Hanson — turns 25.

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Is there life after ‘MMMBop’? Hanson — yes, that Hanson — turns 25.

By Geoff Edgers

The Washington Post

This piece from The Washington Post came out on August 30th and proves that there are journalists of real quality who can tell the Hanson story with understanding, clarity and integrity.

In these paragraphs there is knowledge of the history on which Hanson’s success is built and the dynamic in which it continues to thrive, sometimes against the odds.

The references to Hanson family moments which marked a turn of events or a realisation are insightful and intriguing, especially for fans who have followed this journey closely.

The reference to Hanson taking 2014 off might be better applied to 2012, but whatever the dates, the point remains the same – Hanson worked through difficulties to release some of their strongest music and remake the mould for the brand that they want to be.

The inclusion of never before seen footage of young brothers practicing for Mayfest is a treasure and many might wish that even more of the Hanson family archives could be opened up to view.

Picture credit to Hanson

For those who have walked this line with Hanson, the article fills in some gaps in the time line, whilst opening up whole topics of interest for the newer fan.

From small people with big dreams, to teen heartthrobs and on to established music veterans, this article does justice to Hanson’s story and with a new chapter on the horizon for the band, it couldn’t come at a better time.

Credit to The Washington Post and Shane Bevel for the featured image

Hanson outside Cain’s Ballroom on North Main St Tulsa.




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