For Zac Hanson’s Birthday

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Zac Hanson Birthday

For Zac Hanson’s birthday, please excuse a brief recycling of a tribute we wrote a couple of years ago plus some video clips from the making of Loud Play.

Our favourite youngest Hanson hits 31 years tomorrow October 22nd and there is much to celebrate and express gratitude for.


An inspiration to fans, Zac has never been averse to taking risks or meeting a challenge. He has never let trepidation or the opinions of others, deter him from the course of his journey to make the best music he can.

Watching conversations with Zac, you see someone who is a highly skilled communicator about his art. He can play to any audience, respond appropriately to any style of presentation and banter with the most maverick media host, but whether being serious or humorous, he keeps his integrity and protects that of those he cares about.

When it comes to his art, Zac combines his sense of realism and creative energy, which turns ideas and principles into inventive and ingenious outcomes.

His anarchic song writing, his ability to play multiple instruments and his amazing vocals, mark him out as one of the most talented and versatile young musicians in the industry. And Zac is a true professional, with a capacity for humility and humour that are equally compelling.

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And fans have much to thank him for. Whether answering private messages from fans on, taking time to speak to people after shows or going out of his way to connect with individuals during a performance, Zac makes fans feel valued.

To celebrate Zac’s birthday, we have selected some of our favourite video clips from the making of Loud Play.
Enjoy the moments whether it is the man bun, the chaos, the dance moves, the sound or the fury that moves you.  Make A Joyful Noise    Feeling Alive  Do You Believe In Love  Siren Call  Kazoo Me

All Video clips are from Hanson official Youtube channel



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