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That Foolish Wisdom

In August of 2000, Wall of Sound published a brief interview with Hanson, which revealed the level of their understanding and their passion as artists.
Just three years after the release of Middle Of Nowhere, it was a timely insight into a career at a significant moment and the mind of a band clarifying its perspective.


Called, An Older Wiser Hanson, the piece showed Isaac, Taylor and Zac, to have a confident and realistic approach to their career and sense of purpose.

“Hanson – the trio of brothers Isaac 19, Taylor 17 and Zac 14, – may not invoke the same degree of hysteria that it did in 97, when the group’s major-label debut, middle of nowhere, featuring the chart-topping MMMBop was released. But beneath their celebrated blond locks, these three boys still have firm heads on their shoulders”.

Whilst on the This Time Around Tour, the young fans were still loudly enthusiastic for their idols.  Hanson appeared to understand the fickle nature of some apparent loyalties and according to Zac, screaming teens were not about to, “over inflate their egos. ” ” because you realize that if it weren’t you it would be some other band, like Backstreet Boys, or whatever other band is popular at the time.”

At the start of the millenium, it was concluded that Hanson helped to kick -start the boy band phenomenon that began in the late 90s. However, Isaac, Taylor and Zac have never counted themselves as typical of that genre. Neither have their fans.

“I keep wondering why we are put in the same category as those bands”, he (Zac) confesses.
“Hanson write their own songs, play their own instruments, don’t dance, – boy bands are just the opposite”.

In addition, from the very start of their musical career and as early as 92, Hanson were making their own decisions and choices, designing their own merchandise and making their own music independently.

The desire to stay close to the vision and be in control has always been trademark Hanson and they seem to have embraced the consequences of this.

In the interview, Taylor said, “Everything we do is us, whether it’s approving a photo or writing something on our website. We meet with producers ourselves. You can’t let it get too far away from you.”

The piece went on to say,

“To date, the trio’s latest album This Time Around, has sold just over 300,000 copies in the United States, versus the 4 million for Middle Of Nowhere. But the men of Hanson say the band is in it for the long haul regardless. “Were musicians”, concludes Taylor. “Why would we stop playing and writing? Someone asked me once how I got into music. I thought that was funny, because it isn’t something you choose to do. It has to be a passion, something that drives you like being a writer. It’s not like in 20 years I’m going to decide to be a politician. We’ll keep playing, even if were doing in Des Moines Iowa.””

Since then, Hanson have continued to grow into their skins as master designers of their own destiny, ridden the stormy waters of the Underneath years and built a brand that reflects their creative, artistic and yet collaborative nature.





Credit to Hanson

They have traveled the globe, created not for profit enterprises abroad and in Tulsa and played Des Moines on more than one occasion.

Whether Taylor would reassess his political aspirations, who can say. He certainly seems to be growing into the shoes of an advocate for a compassionate and community based approach towards business, its impact and responsibility.

Involvement in local community activity looks set to be an ongoing interest of the Hanson brand and as Hanson day 2015 and the second Hop Jam gather momentum, all eyes will move towards North Main Street, Tulsa, 74103.



Credit to Tulsa World

Taking a moment to look at Hanson circa 2000 and Hanson today, one can only be struck and impressed by their capacity to realize the vision and stay true to their convictions.

If wisdom comes with age and experience, then those who play with fools each year must certainly have a cup full of it.

If that foolish wisdom continues to drive Hanson and their music along the road then we and the world will be better for it – And that is a fact.

Thanks to Jane Ganahi and Wall of Sound for the original interview.






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