Phoenix, AZ, August 10, 2000

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Hanson Fans Show Them The Love

Kathy Cano-Murillo

The Arizona Republic

August 11, 2000

Fancy costumes? Lavish set designs? Pre-recorded voice tracks?

Unlike many other young pop artists these days, Hanson didn’t need any of those gimmicks when they performed a two-hour show at the Web Theatre Thursday night.

Standing on cozy living room carpets with their set list taped to the hardwood floor, the teen trio delivered an intimate and playful show for the sold out crowd.

A crowd that showed their appreciation by letting out deafening screams for the duration of the performance.

It wasn’t until halfway through the opening number that Taylor’s vocals could be deciphered due to the ear piercing show of affection. The band seemed to appreciate every minute of it.

The unique aspect of Hanson is that each member has enough charisma to stand out on his own. Taylor’s “Keith Partridge” lead vocal, Isaac’s rock start guitar antics and Zac’s devious humor. Despite their young age, Hanson delivered a strong show of talent and impressive original music.

The rosy-cheeked lads sported faded bell-bottom jeans and muscle shirts. They displayed their manners by beginning the show promptly and taking time to shake hands with the crowd more often than not. Judging by the number of posters, face paintings and homemade T-shirts among the audience, it was obvious that each bleach blonde brother has his own pubescent cult following.

The show was built around several sets that featured cuts from the band’s body of work. In the middle of the evening, the band took a two-minute break and returned to the stage and proclaimed it was time to “bring it down”.

The brothers sat in a row and shared a handful of love ballads. It was a tender time for the groupies. They closed their eyes and romantically swayed their arms in the air. Isaac and Taylor kept the spirit of love in the air by continuing their crooning. However, Zac was less enthusiastic. He sat with his elbows on his knees, his head facing the floor. It was hard to tell if he was sleeping or singing.

He made up for his lack of attention at the show’s finale when he took centre stage and belted out a Tulsa version of Cheap trick’s “I Want You To Want Me”.

If there was a flaw in the night, it was Taylor’s obsession with aerobic instruction. During every song, he persuaded his devotees to jump, clap or keep their hands in the air. On the way out of the show, one preteen proclaimed “Mommy, my body is tired from all the exercising”



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