Hanson Brothers Beer Company and then some.

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Hanson Brothers Beer Company And Then Some.

Since 2011, Hanson have talked about their plans for producing beer and developing a business in the burgeoning field of craft brewery.

Their signature brew Mmmhops, is now a familiar taste for many and well known by the craft beer community in the american mid west and beyond.


Hanson’s Beer and Music Festival The Hop Jam, now into its fourth year of planning, has brought brewers from all over the world to Tulsa and the site of The Hop Jam, The Brady Arts District, has grown a plethora of bars, cafes and brew houses.

Hanson Brothers Beer Company has trialled different brews, from IPA to darker ales and porters and the company, usually hosted by members of the band themselves, has attended a whole series of craft beer festivals in the USA.

Zac Hanson at The Great American Beer Festival

The Hanson Brothers Beer events Schedule has grown and recent Tulsa news has suggested that Hanson may be looking to extend their operations to a larger location in the area.

For the Hanson Brothers Beer Company events, see the link below.


This year, Hanson will attend the Disney Eat To The Beat series on October 30th – November 1st.
In previous years, the music has been accompanied by discussion about beer and plenty of it to wash down the corn dogs.


The Hanson Brothers Beer Company with a newly refined logo and website can be followed at

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