Hanson Work On New Christmas Album for 2017

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New Christmas Album In The Mix

As the Tulsa weather shifts from unbearably hot to less so and a few falling leaves, Hanson have been enjoying an early Christmas at 3CG Records.

Snowed In is a favourite album among Hanson fans and at this time of year it is common to see people proclaiming that come November or the first hint of cold weather, it must be time to play this music.


So there is much joyful noise now that Hanson have, for several weeks on and off, been working on the new Christmas album which has the pre- title Wintery Mix.

The choices for the covered songs have been brewing for some time, since Hanson asked their fan club members to offer their suggestions.

The album, which will include new songs crafted by Hanson, is being gently introduced to the world through hints on twitter, images on Instagram and comments in Hanson’s own blogs on their official website, Hanson.net.

“Christmas is coming early in 2016 because we are working on a follow up to our 1998 Christmas album, Snowed In.  For us that means decorations, sleigh bells, and trying to find a freshly fallen fir tree in September (not an easy task).  Many fans have been telling us for years we need to do another holiday album; it just took us a while to whittle the track list down to something manageable. 18 years to be exact.  We will not be releasing this new album until 2017, but once recording starts I am sure Hanson.net and social media will come along for the ride even if Jack Frost is not scheduled to arrive for a few months”.

204437a6beca5f67a50a570c9330b097 From Hanson @ Hanson.net

Recently Zac Hanson described the recording process as being like, “riding a sled down a hill.  It takes forever to get to the top of the hill hauling your sled bundled in your winter garb, then the ride to the bottom is both exhilarating frightening and never long enough”.

But it seems that this process is right on track, with a new original song called Till New Years Day recorded. Described as “Jerry Lee Lewis/Chuck Berry but without any baggage”, this fast paced number might well be the Run Rudolph Run of the Christmas album that Hanson fans have been begging for since forever.

The album slated for 2017, is being recorded by Hanson along with Mark Hudson, at 3CG Records in Tulsa.

Mark Hudson who worked with Hanson on Middle Of Nowhere, Snowed In and This Time Around has been posting clips of their working processes on his Instagram account @markohudson.

From making music, to creating a Christmas 3CG Grotto and taking breaks in near by coffee bars, Hanson and Mark Hudson seem to be cracking open the  Christmas spirit while working to fulfil a long held ambition and fan dream.

This year’s Christmas stocking may groan with expectation, but next year isn’t so far away and there is a lot to look forward to by way of Hanson celebrations, in the mean while.

Check out the story of this recording via @markohudson Instagram below.












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  1. I’ve owned 5 of there 1st Christmas Albums they came out with they all got warm out from listening to them over and over I can’t wait to get there new one I am so excited I’ve been a fan since I was just 10 years old 🙂

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