Tulsa, OK, 27th July 2000

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Hanson thrills the fans this time around, too.

By Lucas Oswalt World Staff Writer 7/28/00

First show of This Time Around Tour 7/27/2000

Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“The word “hype” didn’t even begin to describe it.

2000_7Beach balls sailed through the air, people twirled rainbow- colored glow-sticks and a deafening chorus of “Hanson! Hanson!” reverberated so loudly that the floodlights nearly burst.

And that was before the band even took the stage.

But the 2,500 fans erupted into sonic power surge of squeals and cheers when the brothers — Isaac, Taylor and Zac — launched into “You Never Know,” kicking off their rousing hometown show at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.

The Intensity only built from there, as a cadre of worshipers and chaperones clapped, bounced, and sang along to live performances of songs culled mostly from the band’s debut album “Middle of Nowhere” and the new album “This Time Around”.

The simple stage worked well for the band, who – backed only by a bassist, an extra guitarist and someone working keyboards – displayed a barrage of musicianship matched only by their mass appeal.

Guitarist Isaac served up tasteful, spot on solos, and Zac muscled his drum kit with such ferocious precision that it wouldn’t be surprising if Pearl Jam came calling around tour time.

But it was Taylor who stole the show. Looking positively “rock star” in leather pants, a black shirt and chain wallet, he worked the crowd like a seasoned pro when he wasn’t belting out soulful vocals and melodic keyboard motifs.

After delivering a rousing introductory set highlighted by the gentle “Love Song” and the funk-edged rave up “Thinking of You”, the backing band left and the brothers went solo.

With little more that a trap kit, a keyboard, an acoustic guitar and their trademark harmonies, the trio offered flawless, lo-fi renditions of “Stories”, “A Song to Sing” and “Lucy”.

The Hansons returned to full-band regalia for the sing-a-long favorite “Can’t Always Get What You Want” and later offered an inspired –if not slightly misplaced- version of Janis Joplin’s “Piece of my Heart” that seemed aimed at the parents in the crowd.

Not that the kids minded—the brothers could have done an avant –garde rendition of “Sailing” by Christopher Cross and the room would still have exploded with applause.

But for the most part, Hanson delivered the goods. And as the show closed and squadrons of starry-eyed attendees went home, probably the only person who felt jilted was the one girl in the lower balcony who kept calling for Taylor to take off his shirt.

Oh well. Maybe next time around.”

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