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headerWelcome to our brand new feature called ‘Tulsa Times’. Through this weekly blog we will bring the latest Hanson news, with a topical reflection on a moment from their past.
The 20th pictures have shown how many of us have great memories to look back on and so in the excitement of what’s ahead, we will fix some signposts to those moments that have brought us and Hanson to this point in time.

We hope you will all enjoy this new feature – drop us a line sometime and let us know what you think.

#1 Memories and Moments

The Hanson20th photo 292, published on February 28 2013, shows a crowd at The House of Blues in Chicago, on the Live and Electric tour. Hands wave ecstatically, faces gaze with adoration and eyes focus on the stage with determination to catch every move, smile, glance and gesture.

The question for the day asks fans to share their favourite memories and experiences from music shows, Hanson and others.

Fan responses on Twitter and Face book recall among many things, a shaking floor, finding the exact spot where they were standing in the crowd and Hanson suddenly standing right by them outside the venue. People talk of excitement, tears, joy, dreams and throughout it all is the desire to see Hanson return- to this venue and probably every other venue they have ever visited.

Hanson visit SiriusXM Studios - February 25, 2013
Hanson visit SiriusXM Studios – February 25, 2013

As news of the as yet unnamed album begins to surface, the Face book pictures cleverly work to whet our appetites further and encourage us to make connections between past musical banquets a la Hanson and future possibilities. And so minds wander back and stories are recalled and the bond between band and fan is energised ready for the next experience.

There can be few dedicated Hanson fans out there, who are not more than ready for the next course, preparing minds, bodies and hearts to receive what ever is served up and salivating at the thought. The excitement, some would say torture, is made even more so, by the news that Fans may have to “Fight” for what is on the menu!

A recent interview with the interrobang!? revealed that early in the writing process for the new album, Isaac, Taylor and Zac, decided to take a break and have some down time after 20 years of constant working. When they came back to the album process they produced songs and music with “Fire” and “Fight”, promising “Hooligan parts” for the audience to scream to and an album which Taylor claims will be “Amazing to see live”.

So the ground for new experiences and memories is being prepared.

The band is almost ready to go.

The tour dates are in the pipeline – watch out April!

The single, with a better Tux and Tie video than JT’s is almost set for release – again WATCH out April! – although fans can expect to see it in the next month.


The album is promised for a June release and fans across the globe are talking about savings accounts and booking time off work, home, life and everything else that interrupts Hanson experiences.

When Zac Hanson blogged news of dates for music release and tours on Hanson.net on 27th February, he innocently (but with a huge grin on his face… you just know it!) said, “That is all I’m going to say for now”.

Well, thanks Zac, for now that’s enough. The memories of those wonderful moments will keep us going for just a few more weeks. Then we will be all set to create new ones. To join in with the “fire” and the “fight”- and have the next installment of the time of our lives.

Written by Hanfan 2000

Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going”. Tennessee Williams






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