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Looking Back

The 20TH year of Hanson has officially come to an end.

The last photo of the day has been posted and as people wait for the remaining few pictures to be annotated by the Photographer In Chief, there is a sense of “What Now?”

Perhaps it is the calm before the storm or to use the metaphors of Anthem – A glowing in the kindling – before the combustion of the album release and tour.

So before it disappears into the embers, we pay tribute to Hansons 20th by selecting a few of our favourite pictures and making some statements with the song Tonight in mind.

This song which was recently released in a download called “Tonight – 21 years of music”, takes lines, titles and phrases from Hanson songs and weaves them into a fabric of moments from their history.

Its sweeping melody, tender vocal, swelling piano, classy guitar riffs and cadences make this a musical mix of Hanson’s best touches.

But until the music is fully unraveled it is the lyrics which compel, with references right, left and centre as the song draws the audience on a musical ride back through time. It is a reminder and a celebration for Hanson and their fans.

Tonight echoes the passionate determination of Hanson to be true to themselves and the inspirations that give meaning to their lives. It speaks of humility, awareness, courage and release.

However Hanson have never been ones to keep their truth to themselves so it is also a beckoning for their audience to enter totally into the spirit and spark of their music and the moment.

The moment is that when the language of Hanson resonates with the individual and a genesis takes place.

This is a theme familiar to Hanson and their fans, with songs like This Time Around, Strong enough to Break, Great Divide and Waiting for This, presenting the call to find validation, purpose and liberation in the present moment.

So with respect and admiration for all that Hanson have given their fans over the last 21 years, and anticipation of what is so close; please excuse a few cheesy phrases and maybe some personal indulgence as we say … This Time Around it is Tonight.


Hanson issues an invitation to revisit some favourite moments from their musical history. What is your favourite?






Whatever the sunshine and rain of Hanson’s story, their commitment has been inspiring. This has been repaid by the loving devotion of their fans.




From the first time to the last time – Hanson have performed with passion, confidence, humour and respect for their craft and their audience.









This Time Around -The album which began the journey for so many – The tour which shaped Hanson’s style of performance and cemented the fan base.







Still walking the line during the early days of 3CG and Underneath – Focused, Determined and Brilliant.







Not looking for the silver linings – just having fun – with nothing to lose.






The walking, running and jumping album – strong, meaningful and uncompromising lyrics to inspire action.







Creativity and invention ran through Shout It Out, as Hanson refused to “wait till tomorrow” to declare exactly who they were.





Throwing up their hands and singing it out loud – Hanson danced in the streets with people from all over the world. This was a reminder of their musical roots and preferences from Martha Reeves to The Blues Brothers -as Hanson said it exactly as they meant it.







Anthem – The door about to open for Hanson and all who follow them.



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