Tulsa Times #71 Tulsa Time Again – A Guide

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Tulsa Time Again – A Guide

“Oklahoma isn’t a place. It is in your blood. It’s something that you do. It’s the tear in your eye. It’s the shirt off your back and the giddy up in your soul”

For travellers to Tulsa and in particular those going because of Hanson, this couldn’t be more appropriate.
The pull of the city may have begun with the story of 3 young men making musical headlines across the world and a governor announcing May 6th Hanson Day, but it is the attraction of the city, its vibrant growth and possibilities that keeps many returning. The “get up and go” mentality of the city is evident in the rejuvenated Downtown, the renaming of the Tulsa Arts District, the growth of enterprise and the connectivity of the arts, business and people in a warm and friendly community.

Right at the heart of this community sits 3CG Records, Hanson’s recording studios and business headquarters. From outside it seems an unassuming, neat and discreet building, with blackened windows and the normal two-ing and fro-ing of people at work. Inside however, is a hub of creativity, artists at work for long hours generating ideas and bringing them to life. And it is no coincidence that Hanson and Tulsa have a strong bond. From early claims that “Tulsa’s always home”, to investment in projects and property, Hanson continue to bring their passions together in ways that help to build a city. The future of this entrepreneurial symbiosis is one of mutual benefit for creativity’s sake.

My first trip to Tulsa for the MOE re-record in 2007, saw a more desolate downtown, with 3CG Records building a business against a backdrop waiting to be painted. Yet the art work from The Walk shows Hanson embracing their city, looking out over rooftops, walking along the Arkansas river bed and leaping along side the railway tracks. It is this connection between Hanson and their city that makes a trip for Hanson Day more than just a musical get together. It is an opportunity to breathe the air and taste the energy that drive and sustain Hanson.

The area immediately around 3CG Records is now alive with the arts. It is a bustling scene of music venues, cafes, bars, shops and centres of cultural interest.

In the first of a two-part guide, we share some thoughts from a few of our favourite places to go when exploring Hanson’s stomping ground. All feature in Hanson’s own Hanson Day Guide and are just a few steps away from Hanson’s Headquarters.


We’ve been open shortly over 5 years now. We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chimera was envisioned as a three-headed beast, as we offer specialty coffee/teas, and mixed drinks/wine/beer in addition to our food. We offer health conscious, in-house made food. We do not fry food and over 75% of our menu is vegan/vegetarian. We maintain an excellent and ever-evolving relationship with local farmers, and source most of our food from the surrounding Tulsa Area. Our space is directly across the street from Hanson’s studio, so we see them often when they are in town, and do what we can to help them out during the Hop Jam festival each year!



Glacier  Confection

We are Glacier Confection, chocolatier’s and chocolate enthusiasts who embrace everything cacao. Our shops are known for the brightly designed Belgian-style truffles, but we also carry single-origin chocolate bars, vegan chocolate truffles and turtles, and larger confections, such as PB Cups, Haystacks, and Sponge-Candy! When Hanson days comes around, we typically feature a Hanson inspired chocolate caramel and a discount to Hop Jam attendees. For the first time ever – we will also be doing chocolate-making classes in our new Bean-to-Bar production space. There will be 3 classes, 6-8 people per class.  They will last about 2-hours and we can provide vegan options if requested. While none of the classes are official Hanson events, we will be playing some Hanson Jams and are looking forward to enjoying chocolate with you all!


Ida Red 

We are excited to have Hanson fans visit us again this May! Not only does our Main St. Soda Fountain offer hot fudge sundaes, milkshakes, hand crafted sodas and more, but we have stayed true to our Ida Red roots! You will find a gift for a friend from an array of our hand selected merchandise. You’ll find relief from your sweet tooth with our large candy section. You’ll find an open seat and a warm welcome. We’ve opened this location to offer Tulsa a new experience while taking a walk down memory lane. Come join us!


Colors Of Etnika

Imagine arriving at the airport to go on that dream trip to a far away exotic location. Arriving to shop all the local markets and trades, handmade goods from around the world, Bali, Peru, Thailand, India, Turkey, and Guatemala just to name a few. This is exactly the feeling you get walking into Karla’s store Etnika, located in the Metro building at Archer and Main in downtown Tulsa.

Karla’s travels and Mayan background have influenced the hand-made goods she crafts, as well as procures, for the enjoyment of her customers. Just as with an artists gallery the inventory is constantly changing. Often items are one of a kind; once it is gone there may not be another. Just as with that trip to a far away locale if you see it today one should not hesitate because often it is gone tomorrow. Shoppers will find handcrafted leather bracelets, necklaces, and earrings along with accessories to complement them all. Inspired to keep the pieces timeless rather than trendy and intended to mix up for all occasions. Often we hear “I love your store,” “I want so many items”; and “it is so hard to choose.”

So next time you are thinking something for that special person that is unique, tasteful, and timeless shop downtown Tulsa’s Etnika. Most items can be customized to individual preference, size, and tastes. Many customers have brought items to Karla for her to bring new life to them so they can continue to enjoy them in a new modern form. The possibilities are endless!!


Many thanks to the proprietors of these businesses for sharing their stories with us.
Next time we explore some of the historical and cultural spaces nearby which tell a tale and have a place in Hanson history.




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