Hanson’s First Show In Norway – Aalesund

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Hanson’s first show in Norway.

Tove Jurs-Martinsen April 25th 2018

Yesterday April 25th was Hanson’s first ever full concert in Norway. We have waited for this the last 21 years.

But where to begin?

After spending the day wondering where the guys were, and waiting for them to finally arrive to Ålesund, the evening finally came.

We were prepared to spend the day in line before the show, but here is where I want to give a huge thanks to the venue. It was cold and rainy outside. We really felt the wind from the ocean into our bones sometimes.

A very nice woman showed up from inside the venue, her name is Esther. She gave us numbered tickets so we could skip the line, and show up just before doors opened.

All of the sudden, we could do what ever we wanted to do, so a huge thanks to Terminalen, and Esther for doing that for us.

Over to the show.

We walked in to the venue, and of course we talked about when we thought the show would start. The ticket said 9pm, but we are used to Hanson-time. We didn’t have to wait for too long though, the show started at 9:15pm, so that was nice.

I have only seen them once, so I don’t have much to compare with other than hours of YouTube videos, and live recordings. BUT I can tell you that the guys delivered.

They served us a great mix of songs, and they had so much energy!

We heard songs like Give A Little, Fired Up, MmmBop, Madeline, I Was Born, This Time Around and many more.

Taylor talked about the fans, and dedicated Penny And Me for all of us that has ever taken shit for being a Hanson fan, and even though I have seen him give the speech on video before, it was truly special to experience it live, because it’s true. Many fans haven taken a lot of shit for being Hanson fans – plus, Penny And Me is such a wonderful song; one of my personal favourites.

From what I have seen from earlier videos, Hanson really connects with their fans during their shows, and that is more than true. While watching them perform, it’s easy to get carried away, and really forget both time and place, and just be there, with Hanson.

This show made me feel all the emotions. I cried, I laughed, I was happy and a bit sad. As a fan of 21 years, there are songs that make you go back in time and remind you of the feelings from that period of time. I became a fan when I was 13 years old, so of course I have been broken hearted, and what did I do when I was broken hearted? I listened to Hanson. And when Hanson plays a song that I listened to when I tried to recover from a breakup, that turned on the long lost emotions. Where’s The Love was played, and a couple of tears turned up.

But this is what is so great! Many of us have been following Hanson for many years, and we have a lot of different feelings to most of their songs. That of course enhances the experience of their shows.

I can write about the show for eternity, but the conclusion is, that this was a spectacular show, and Hanson gave us a magical experience, with both newer and older songs, so this was a show both newer and older fans could enjoy.

Thank you Hanson, for taking us with you on this musical ride and for taking us to new places!

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Many thanks to Tove for sharing this wonderful review for us.

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