Going The Same Way – Tracing Footsteps #11

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Going The Same Way – Tracing Footsteps #11

  Each month until June 2017 we will share fan stories from around the world to celebrate Hanson’s remarkable career and Fan Community. We have invited fans from five continents, to share their experiences and they tell us in their own words, how they have traced footsteps on a journey with Hanson and their music.

 This month, musician and artist John Paul DeHaas from Rochester New York, shares his story.

 In 1997 I was 25 years old and became hooked on MMMBop from the moment I first heard it.
It all started with a CD single of the song, and I would play it several times a day as it always put me in a great mood. When I purchased their first album, Middle Of Nowhere, I realized I liked their other songs too…and the follow-up This Time Around sealed the deal for me. I knew they were talented musicians heading in a direction I liked, and I knew I would always be a fan. 

I had taught myself how to play basic guitar chords up to that point, but never took the hobby seriously.
When I saw Hanson on their Underneath Acoustic tour, I purchased the Underneath Acoustic EP after that show, and listened to it nonstop for what seemed like an entire year. I loved it. The show and the EP inspired me to want to take my own music more seriously. I began taking guitar lessons and after about a year, I felt confident enough to try writing my own songs.

It seemed that the more ideas I tried to write and record, the more ideas came to mind. Soon enough I had enough songs to record my first album. I played all the instruments separately…guitar, drums, bass, vocals, tambourine, handclaps…everything. I never thought I was creative enough to do any of this, until I gave it a try.
Since Hanson had, by that point, gone out on their own without a record label, I figured I should just record my own music myself and not follow the money making aspect of it. I did not have friends who played, or any kind of a community I belonged to…but I had instruments, recording equipment, and the desire to be creative. What more do you need if you love it?

Year after year I challenged myself to write and record one albums worth of music (12 songs), and 2 holiday singles. I kept buying Hanson records and attending their shows when I could. I never stopped loving this band. Every album they put out was better than the next, and it drove me to keep improving with my own music.

I now have over 65 songs that I have written and recorded in demo form, yet to be released.
I was undecided on how to go about releasing my music until I became a Hanson.net Fan Club Member last year. This experience is not only fun and exciting, but it is inspiring me in a whole new way.
In the near future, I plan to follow Hanson’s lead and release my music on my own website and on Digital Streaming services as well, like Spotify and Itunes. I like the idea of having full albums available for people on the streaming services, and then offering singles and ep’s, complete with demos, acoustic versions and cover songs, exclusively on my website for those who want to hear more. I am also an artist by trade, and I create my own artwork for my music much like Zac Hanson does.

My music goals for the future include going through my catalog and refining each song before releasing it online, learning piano (because I love the way Taylor plays) and collaborating with other musicians to make even more music.

I believe I will always love Hanson’s music, and look forward to continuing being a Fan Club Member.
It seems like everything they do, I am inspired by it.
What I love most about them is they always keep moving forward and offering us fresh new music every single year. So many bands out there repackage the same songs over and over…but with Hanson, it’s the opposite. They always give their fans something new to look forward to.

John Paul DeHaas

 Many Thanks to John Paul for sharing his story with us.

Please do not copy John Paul’s pictures without permission.


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