Taylor Swift Pays Tribute to Hanson With ‘Shake It Off’ Video

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 By Martin Grossinger


Sounds crazy, right? But it sure seems like Taylor’s brand new video for ‘Shake It Off’ was inspired by Hanson’s 2011 video for their song ‘Give A Little.’

And who could blame her? ‘Give A Little’ is also crazy catchy, upbeat, and loads of fun. But like, are we crazy? Don’t the two videos share a similar ‘look?’

Both TSwift’s & Hanson’s videos feature dancers against stark, empty backgrounds. Both feature some really sweet dance moves (or in Taylor’s case, not so sweet). There’s horn sections. There’s simple, forceful drums. Both songs are killer.

Even if you don’t agree and you think we’re crazy, at least we just gave you an excuse to watch Taylor’s new video again. It’s so good, you guys.


Source: KFox 95.5

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