Hanson: Indie Heroes?!

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Hanson: Indie Heroes?!


The decision to go it alone is never an easy one to make, particularly in the high-stakes world of the music industry.

But going it alone is exactly what the three young brothers who make up Hanson decided to do for their new album, Underneath. And the good news is that it’s a strategy that seems to be working.

“What’s cool about being independent is that you have the opportunity to evolve and grow and change with the times in a way you may not have otherwise had,” says oldest brother Isaac. “You have the opportunity to make your own decisions about how to release your own records.”

Having released Underneath eight weeks ago, the boys have been pleased with the success of both the album and its lead single, “Penny And Me.” The album debuted as the top indie record in the country, while the summertime single peaked at number two on Billboard’s Top 200 Singles Chart.

While that’s great news for the band, the boys — Isaac, Taylor and Zach — are quick to dispel any myths about life as an independent artist.

“The irony is that someone will go, ‘Well, hey, you could make like, six bucks a record’,” says Isaac “And you go, ‘That’s true.’ But the truth is, if I press 200,000 records, I’ve got to pay for every single one of them. Not to mention, any potential promotional cost is coming out of my pocket. So needless to say, I’ve gotta sell a lot of records before I’m seeing anything.”

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The decision to opt out of their major label deal with Island likely came about as a result of the band’s frustration with the promotion of their last album, 2000’s This Time Around.

“Island pulled the plug on the push for This Time Around,” recalls Isaac. “It was frustrating because we really thought we had traction with it. ‘If Only’ — which was the second single — had really started to make waves and we were getting lots of great exposure from MTV.”

That frustration however, turned to inspiration as the boys launched their own label, 3GC Records, with Underneath as their first release.

—Sean K. Robb

Source: Chart Attack


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