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Being Inspired

Hanson are busy at the moment. Hanson are always busy.

At present they are rebuilding and testing their website Hanson.net – which after Hansonline.com – has existed in various forms since 2000.

They are busy preparing to take Anthem to Australia and New Zealand and in the behind the scenes bustle and hustle, they continue their plans to release another beer and write new music.


In a recent interview with Consequence of Sound, Taylor Hanson was asked if the complexities of the Hanson business, with the beer, music and life on the road, ever became overwhelming …. He replied,

“I wish I could say it does, but I love the action. I love doing. I love making stuff. We all have an entrepreneurial spirit. We like to be busy and I love to create things that get people excited”

consequence of sound


As if to be his own evidence for that, he carried out this interview just hours after the stage had been taken down and the sounds of The Hop Jam and Hanson day were still ringing around downtown Tulsa.

The theme of recent Hanson time seems to have been that of action and creation and the breath of inspiration which keeps these things alive.

And no one can doubt the incredible talent that Hanson have for inspired solutions to the moments question.
From their first music, through the intense disquiet of their later signed years, to the vision for 3CG records and all that it has become, Hanson have generated the vision and the reality.
The foundation for this success is, among other things, their optimistic and positive approach towards possibilities.


In a recent blog, Taylor revealed some intimate truths about his understanding of inspiration, what it is for him, where he finds it and how it fuels the remarkable positivity with which he approaches everything.


His gift for writing with candour leaves a deep impression and when seen alongside his photography, one gets the sense that this gift is growing into something gently yet profoundly encouraging to others.

Among his inspirations he names meeting new people, sharing in the pain of others, creating things, his children and the sensory delights of everyday life.

He asserts that, “ What’s clear is inspiration is all around us. There is no inaccessible place where it’s locked away, or a distant time where it will suddenly be revealed, it is staring us in the face.”

As examples of this philosophy, the completed Digging To China, video and song will add to the catalogue of music made in the moment and reveal more of the inspired, hands on artistry of Zac Hanson.


Meanwhile, Isaac Hanson has given interviews to Australian media in advance of the Anthem tour and demonstrated his Hancyclopaedic talent for telling the Hanson story and wisdom in reflecting on current music trends.

This capacity for fearless and excited engagement with opportunities makes Hanson a wonderful band to follow and support.
No one quite knows what is around the corner, or hidden behind the curtain.
Hanson move on quickly from idea to idea, and whilst it is possible to document a pattern in their journey from Middle Of Nowhere to Anthem, no one really wants to know what’s coming next. Do they?

During this time of  intense industry for Hanson, Australian fans are getting excited, others from around the world are packing for the tour, Hanson.net has its final rehearsals and Isaac, Taylor and Zac continue to define and delineate themselves through inspired action.

As the summer has different things in store for fans around the world, we let the words of Taylor Hanson unwrap this key impetus for the band – one that he generously invites us all to discover.

“You can pull apart my run on thoughts, and paint them as utopian, or a symptom of serial-optimism with an undue pedestal for it’s promotion, but it is in fact the exact notion of real optimism that is so important, in order that we don’t overlook the inspiration simply because it looks an awful lot like a thing we once took for granted…ask yourself where your inspiration might be hiding. It might simply be time to tell the pessimist that you don’t have time to insert doubts into the moment, because you’re busy being inspired.”








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