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The Pulse of  Hanson

The last few weeks of the Anthem Tour have been beyond busy for Hanson.

They have travelled from Alberta Canada via St Louis to Detroit, celebrated the appearance of Mmmhops beer in stores and at shows, consumed copious amounts of it and managed to stay alert enough to deliver stunning performances on stage.

While Taylor Hanson showed up at beer festivals and poured pints for serious craft beer fans, Isaac and Zac led walks in the rain and talked with fans about their music and the ongoing mission to turn awareness into action.


beerIt seems that there is no rest for the wicked when Hanson are on tour.

But this is the life. At least this is the life that Hanson lives. And one Hanson member in particular, was raised on it.

Zac Hanson was born in 1985 and within a few years, possibly as soon as he found his voice, he was joining his brothers in song.

Fans may wonder exactly what it was like in the Hanson household as Zac was elected to be the drummer and together with Isaac and Taylor, the Hanson dynamic began to evolve.

What is evident from all the early stories, articles and encounters with Zac, is that he was always without pretence, quiet and sensitive at heart, immensely creative and passionate about the credibility of the Band.


Not much has changed there, and neither should it. For Hanson are nothing if not consistent about what matters to them.

There was something in the loving, solid yet liberated home school upbringing of Hanson that allowed a deep sense of self and respect for life to grow.

In both the music and the manner of the men, these qualities are seen over and over again.

Today is Zac Hanson’s birthday and as fans across the world express their love and gratitude through pictures and messages, this article pays tribute to the youngest ever Grammy nominated songwriter.

Zac Hanson shares his birthday with some seriously famous composers, musicians, artists and performers.

However the story that caught my attention was the Google Doodle for today.

“The doodle is based on Andre-Jacque Garnerin’s daring leap on October 22 1797 at Parc Monceau in Paris, which saw the then 28-year-old leap from a balloon using a seven-metre silk parachute that resembled an umbrella.”

This was the first ever parachute jump.

The fact that he was 28 at the time seems a pleasing coincidence.

Not that I want Zac to do a daring sky dive, but the elements of risk, challenge and creativity have something in common with the determination of the youngest Hanson, who has never let the fears or opinions of others, deter him from his course.
If you want a lyrical reference for this mindset, then just listen to The Walk, both the single and the album.


Watching conversations with Zac, you can see someone who is a highly skilled communicator about his art.

He can play to any audience and respond appropriately to any style of presentation, but whether being serious or humorous, he keeps his integrity and protects that of those he cares about.

It seems that Zac has managed to combine a deep sense of what he believes to be right with realism and creative energy, which turns ideas and principles into inventive and soul stirring outcomes.
This is seen in his determination to only put out music he is entirely sure of, as well as some of the merchandise decisions made in recent years.

His songwriting, his ability to play multiple instruments, his amazing vocals, his capacity to create works of art, work hard and collaborate with others, mark him out as one of the most talented and versatile young musicians in the industry.

Zac Hanson has no doubt learnt many life lessons on the road.
Working  among the great and the good and in the company of tremendously talented people, he is at 28,  a true professional, with the capacity for humility and humour that are equally compelling.

And on top of all this, fans have much to thank him for.

Whether answering private messages from fans on Hanson.net, taking time to speak to people after shows or going out of his way to connect with individuals during a performance, Zac knows how to make the fans feel valued.

There are many wonderful Zac moments recorded on DVD or YouTube.


If I were recommending something special, I wouldn’t send you to the hilarity of the “Truck Stop” futy’s or even the recent hanson.net live streams, where Zac caused Taylor to almost combust with laughter.

Instead I would suggest watching and listening to Zac, on the “Taking the Walk” or “Strong Enough to Break” podcasts.

Here you will find the strong, determined, ethical, gracious, realistic, honest, compassionate and passionate young man, who is much much more than the drummer in the band.

Happy Birthday Zachary Walker  – The pulse of Hanson.

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