Tulsa Times # 29 Anthem comes to The UK

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Anthem comes to The UK

In just a few days time Hanson will be in the UK.

They will make an appearance at The Apple Store in central London and the sounds of their latest musical adventure will be heard.

This will be followed by five shows, a MOE event and walks along a few wet and leaf strew city pavements.



In July a brief promotional visit was a reminder that The British Isles have always held a special place for Hanson.

They have visited many times, have close relationships with many British music gurus including Stephen lironi and Steve Churchyard and they cite several British artists among  their muses.

In 97 they recorded Snowed In here in London and the video for Where’s the Love is as British as you can get.

On this video, the iconic landmarks of London’s finest industrial and historical heritage, play back drop to the questioning expressions of Hanson as they plead with someone to tell them.


Taylor’s British accent in Tulsa Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere is a delight and the word reckon has taken on a new significance for many as a result.

During the days of MON and TTA, they made appearances in Wembley and Falkirk but a planned return during the This Time Around tour was curtailed as developments at their record label took an unexpected turn.

From 2001 to 2003, Hanson made several brief visits to the UK on business but it wasn’t until the autumn of 2003 that they performed a live show here.

In Islington, October 2003,  they sang Underneath Acoustic and delighted fans who were starving for Hanson music with the brilliance of that album. The courage and defiance of the songs from that record along with covers like Ain’t No Sunshine and Teach Your Children, had the audience gasping and craving for more.

This taste, this nourishment, this energy, they cried.

The fans who had waited long and traveled far for this show, filled the venue with anticipation and excitement and the reception must have surely cemented in Hanson’s mind, the warm affection of the British audience.

It seems this was the case, as shows in 2004 and 2005 followed quickly and it was as if they had never been away.

The songs from Underneath, together with previous tracks, were played acoustically, electrically and new tunes were introduced that would later find their way onto The Walk. 

During the writing of Underneath, Hanson referenced The Beatles, Nick Drake, U2 and Travis as inspirations with musical and lyrical nods to them appearing on the album.

Whilst making it clear that British music is not in the essential DNA of the band, Hanson have shown respect for and admiration of many British artists and acknowledged their influence.


When Hanson returned to the UK in 2007, they played shows to promote The Walk.

This was before the main US tour and Isaac Hanson stated during the concert in Manchester, that they were amazed by and grateful for the support of their fans, who could fill a venue even before a record had been released.

It would be another four years before Hanson would actually walk the streets of London with their fans, but when the moment came in June 2011, fans turned out in pouring rain to touch the ground with bare feet and show that here was the love. Indeed it was.

And there are only two cities that have seen Hanson perform the 5 of 5 and London is one.

The fact that the UK is central for a wide fan base must have been a factor, but it might not be too impertinent to suggest that Hanson like London and the fan base that travels to get there.

So with a full tour and MOE events ahead, the British fans and others who will travel many hundreds of miles, are preparing for the best of times.

Hanson may decide to sing “Happy Together” or “Too Much Heaven” and the UK may be blessed with some of the best moments from the US tour so far.

But they may decide to change it up, do something different and be full of surprises.

Whatever happens, it is going to be full of the musical integrity and energy that are Hanson’s trademark.

© Sarah Rix
© Sarah Rix

It was that which captivated audiences in 97, kept fans excited until 2003, brought them back again and again until 2007 and 2011 and has kept them longing for this next time.

So for the new fan, the first time tour goer, the veteran, the casual music lover and even the sceptic, we reckon you will find the love and maybe, if you listen and look, even a touch of the heavenly.

Safe travels, have fun and raise a glass of something British along the way.


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