Hanson gets totally confused by Katie Price during omg!’s Welcome to Britain test – ‘Is she promoting pink animal rights?’

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July 10, 2013

by Amy / The Juice

What happens when you take a lovely American boy band (Hanson) and shove a photo of Katie Price in their face? Well, lucky for you we found out.

omg! challenged Hanson to the British Test. Copyright: [omg!]
We challenged the boys to our British test to find out just how much they know about our fair country and it turns out they don’t know a whole bunch.

On being introduced to the concept of Morris Dancing: “It’s sounded strangely similar to me as moron dancing…”

On Sunday roasts: “If you did this in the US it would have much more cream in it, a lot more butter and be covered in gravy”

So just add calories and our roast lunch is American!

Hanson didn’t fare too well when it came to our British test. Copyright: [omg!]
And Hanson certainly were not familiar with Miss Katie Price. In fact, their analysis is quite honestly, hilarious.

Katie Price wore this to the launch of her equestrian range. Copyright: [Rex]
On Katie Price’s infamous pink horse promo outfit: “She was ill advised, her and Justin Bieber must have the same counsel.”

“That really is a bad call!”

“Is she promoting pink animal rights?”

Well, they said they didn’t know much and it turned out they didn’t. However, we proclaimed them honourary Brits anyway.

And not just because we sort of fancy them quite alot.

Yep, it’s certainly not 1997 anymore.

Watch the video:

Source: OMG! Gossip

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