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MmmBop! Yes, that’s Hanson with Bob Weir. This surreal harmonic convergence went down at the tenth anniversary of New York’s eco-crunchy rock club, Wetlands, where Weir played three nights with longtime collaborator Rob Wasserman and drummer Jay Lane. “We’re having a lot of fun with these shows,” Weird said. HAnson joined the party for the second night’s encore, playing expertly on “Going Down the Road Feelin’ Bad,” “Gloria,” “One More Saturday Night” and “Good Lovin.’”

Most of the goggle-eyed Deadheads didn’t recognize the tykes, but Hanson won them over the old-fashioned way: expert noodling. “We had to learn to flow,” said keyboardist Taylor. “The Grateful Dead included so many types of music, from folk to blues to country, and it was all part of a bigger thing.” Guitarist Isaac nodded fervently: “There’s so much we learned from this.” Anyone up for a twenty-five minute version of “MMMBop”?

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