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Let the Rock and Roll Begin 

New York is the place to be at the moment if you want to see Hanson.

Following time spent in LA promoting Anthem and Mmmhops and then back in Tulsa assembling Anthem packages of different sizes, Hanson have spent time in NYC.

Last week saw them playing at the Do Something Awards party at the Hammerstein Ballroom, followed by a performance for radio in New Jersey.




They then traveled out of the city to ST Louis for Uncorked with Fresh 102.5, where some of the best photos of current live Hanson were taken.



But from 17th June Hanson rocks the city of NYC for almost a week and the place that has seen some of their most iconic performances will get the guys back – and the city that never sleeps will have the best reasons to be up all night.

Hanson have quite a history with New York. In 97 the performance featured in the film “Tulsa Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere”, was filmed at the Beacon theater, a performance space with flawless acoustics and an amazing artist record including The Rolling Stones, Jerry Garcia, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Radiohead, and Queen.

Beacon Theatre 02


If you have seen the film above, it’s hard to forget the scenes of Isaac, Taylor and Zac, sitting on a bar in the foyer harmonising and looking every bit like super stars in the making. For many fans it is the innocence and authenticity of moments like these, that have cemented the bond between them and Hanson.  http://www.beacontheatre.com/



In September 2000, Hanson performed at the Hammerstein on the This Time Around tour. With them was Jonny lang. http://www.jonnylang.com/

Hanson have said that this was the longest show that they have ever performed and that during it they played just about every song they knew. Zac said that they even included a rendition of Happy Birthday – but that was a joke, we think.

in November 2003 Hanson  played at the Carnegie Hall providing the band with one of their own personal favourite musical experiences.


In 2007 they appeared at the small, intimate and exclusive Bowery Ballroom, which is famous for its ability to attract big names as well as being a show case for up and coming indie bands.

In 2010, The Gramercy was the setting for the historic 5 of 5 series, in which Hanson played each of their studio albums including Shout It Out.






There are not lines enough in this article to share stories from all of Hanson’s New York appearances, but to say that it is a city that has seen some of their very best is an understatement.

So it is fitting that the celebration of 21 years as a band and the launch of Anthem take place here.

The shows on the 17th and 18th at the Irving Plaza are set to be thrilling and moving in equal measure.

The birthday show will be full of memories and references for both the band and the fans, while the Anthem show will declare in no uncertain terms who Hanson have grown into musically, artistically and as people.

At these shows will be adult fans that have walked each step with Hanson as well as new fans of different ages, all catching the excitement of Hanson fired up.

The music and performances will leave people with no doubts about the maturity, skill, talent and daring of Hanson.

And if they have been watching the recent schedule of the band they will also realise that their musical drive is matched only by their ability to retain their humour, honesty, humility and humanity.

In September 2000 after their Hammerstein performance with This Time Around, a journalist observed:

“Hanson probably won’t make it huge again as a teen band; they’re doomed by their own integrity. But they stand a chance of maturing into a group that will matter to adults. If that fails, they can always write hits for classic rockers”.

13 years later it seems that is the case.


They have matured into a band that matters to adults.

They write hits for classic rockers – Themselves.

From the first song on Middle of Nowhere to the  last song on Anthem – Tonight – Let the Rock and Roll Anthem be sung.

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