Hanson’s Weekend Plan?

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“@hansonmusic: This weekend we might have something fans in the LA area can be a part of. It will be super limited. Keep your eyes pealed for more info -Z”

Above is a tweet of Zac on their twitter account. Anyone who has an idea what that “something” is? Maybe a photoshoot? Shooting of the music video? Well see!

Credit: HANSON/ @hansonmusic

EDIT: Latest news is that it’s for a new video shoot. Very interesting as I thought Shout It Out was done with when it came to releases and videos – Jo

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  1. Jo- I think this is a video shoot for album #6. Someone said that only 10-20 people will be able to get it, but no one from 3CG or the band has confirmed these numbers.

    1. Cool 🙂 Will be interesting to hear what happens and hopefully someone will get in and let us all know. They might have a confidentiality contract though unfortunately…

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