Going The Same Way – Tracing Footsteps #2

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Going The Same Way -Tracing Footsteps #2

Each month until June 2017 we will share fan stories from around the world to celebrate Hanson’s remarkable career and Fan Community.

We have invited fans from five continents, to share their experiences and they tell us in their own words, how they have traced footsteps on a journey with Hanson and their music.

This month Joe Harvey from the UK shares her story  – MMMBop And Beyond

I don’t know the day, but I remember it clear,
When MMMBop became the hit of the year.
The radio played as we drove in the car,
And I knew from that moment these guys would go far.
The sound was so good, I could not be wrong,
So I listened, and waited for every new song.
Each time I heard them they opened my heart,
I let in the music right from the start.
Now from that day to eternity,
A Hanson fan I’ll always be!
Hi, I am Joe Harvey, currently from Wales, England, and I am 46 years old.
I became a Hanson fan in 1997.
We were driving when MMMBop came on the radio and I was hooked! I loved it so much. I found out who were singing, Hanson? What? Three young people with the presence of souls much older, and having so much fun!
At the time I worked with teenagers so it was great, because once word got out that I liked Hanson they would bring me in posters and magazine clippings, and I would chat about the music!
In 1998 I went to see them at Wembley on the Road To Albertane Tour. They were at the peak of their popularity. I was 28 at the time and had no one to go to the concert with.
A colleague who I worked with said her daughter, who was 17, wanted to go so we went together.
We got there early. The queues and mayhem at the front of the venue could be seen and heard from where we had parked at the rear.

We decided to watch through the fence near the dumpsters at the back, as no one else was there. Suddenly Hanson arrived and everyone was screaming.

Eventually Taylor, Isaac, and Zac made it through into the safety of the yard area. By now a crowd had gathered behind us and then Hanson decided to come across the yard, and over to the fence. Chaos broke out! I was completely squashed and pulled in all directions. It was so funny!
I stuck my arm through the wire fence and Tayor shook my hand. Zac was being bouncy as usual.
The footage from that moment is on the Road to Albertane VHS as Walker was filming everything. I was left black and blue with hand prints down my arms, where all the young girls tried to pull me out of the way! It is a great memory though.
I continued to be a Hanson fan because all I can tell you is that the music speaks to me.
There is a song to listen to for every mood, and circumstance that has come up in my life; they are the soundtrack to my movie.
A particular moment that had an impact on me was the death of Princess Diana.
The song With you in your Dreams got me through my sadness on that, and other occasions since.
I wrote the lyrics of the song in one of the Diana memorial books, and I also sent them in a letter to Prince William and Harry.
I got a reply from the Palace!

Picking a favourite Hanson song would be too hard but I think my best albums are The Walk and Underneath. I went to see Underneath @ 5 of 5 in London and it was so good. I also got to see them in Birmingham and Cardiff, where I took The Walk.

Three words to sum up Hanson and their music would be Awesome, Soul, Food.

I would like to thank Hanson for all of the memories they have given me.


Music + Life = Memories. Thank you to all the other fans, and the people I have come to know through Hanson. Thank you for reminding me to have fun and live lightly. It is not only the music you make but the words of wisdom you share that have impacted my life for the last 19 years.


Thanks to Joe, for sharing her story and her original pictures.
Please do not share Joe’s Pictures without giving credit. Thanks.
Joe is HansonHeart Forever on Hanson.net
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