Tulsa Times #24 Covers and Corn Dogs

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Covers and Corn dogs  

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien 

The Anthem tour is now in its 11th week  and Hanson have travelled tens of thousands of miles.

The live shows have thrilled and delighted new and old fans and reviews have been full of praise for the energy, variety, musical splendour and charm of Hanson music.

In some of America’s most famous venues, Hanson have dressed as the men in black, played funk in the form of the classic Cissy Strut by The Meters and added The Turtles “Happy Together” to their list of covers.


The title “And God said, “Let there be Hanson” adorned an article last week and reminded the fans of many years, that discovering the essence of this band is like a spiritual awakening.

Whilst many TV interviews have made the obligatory references to their ages, children, and MMMBop, there is a sense that Hanson are respected as elder statesmen on the music scene; that their history and longevity is acknowledged and admired by those that have seen a plethora of bands and artists come and go since the late 90s.

The walks before each show have stimulated conversation about action in the here and now, the commitment of individuals to take the walk into their own lives as well as raising questions about the shape of the future of this campaign.

However it seems that one very noticeable component of the Anthem Tour has been the appearance of large amounts of interesting food groups consumed by the band, along with plentiful supplies of Mmmhops –


Mmmhops Beer has accompanied the band on this trip and whilst it was hoped at one stage, that the beer would be available for fans at shows, it seems that complications with licensing in different states has made this trip more about publicity than purchasing – at least up until now.

Some of these publicity moments have offered glimpses of gold to fans as they have watched beer pong exploits and chugging contests – sibling rivalry and plenty of rule breaking.


It is also apparent that Mmmhops is making its way into the sphere of reference of craft beer connoisseurs, as articles are tweeted and retweeted.


But where do you start with Hanson and examples of the sublime to the ridiculous in eating habits; for to be sure, it is all there.

From Dr Food, who wrote recipes for the original MOE magazines, via the remarkable appearance on Snick TV in 97, where the Tommy Picklewich sandwich made its appearance, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUEtbQNoUIA –  to Hanson’s 2010 Christmas live stream where “more butter more better”, characterised the lemon cookies – Hanson have revealed that at heart, they are really just guys who love their grub – and love to share that with a willing audience.


Beware though, for you may never see chocolate in quite the same way again after watching a clip of the “All This Love Crap” video and if you have never eaten a corn dog, well don’t tell Hanson, or they may introduce you to something bigger than Taylor Hanson’s head but not nearly as tasty.

And some of Hanson’s best throw away lines involve food.

The recent “go big or go home” adage of Taylor’s and Zac’s heart rending plea that, “about this time in my day I really need a burger”, from their documentary “Strong Enough to Break,” stand as example’s of Hanson philosophy on life and all that is good about it.

It wouldn’t be a true Hanson and food piece if it didn’t mention bacon and coffee, but I wouldn’t know where to begin with those two giants of the Hanson kitchen.

There are too many great eating moments in the Hanson blogs and videos over the years, to do  justice to the masticating habits of the band, but the simple delights of great food, whether it’s a fresh spring roll, a corn dog, burger or breakfast bap (yes they even ate British motorway food and survived it), have been a delicious part of the Hanson story.

On the Anthem tour, that story has been one of great music, great food moments, great beer to wash it all down with and plenty of what Tolkien described as cheer.

If food is music for the body and music is food for the soul – then let’s feast on tour with Hanson, not worry too much about counting the cost or what’s happening with the weather and just enjoy. After all this doesn’t happen every day.

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