When The Minutes Seem Like Hours – Hanson String Theory – The Countdown.

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When The Minutes Seem Like Hours – Hanson String Theory – The Countdown

or “it is real now and it is only the beginning” Hanson.

The Hanson String Theory Concert Series begins on July 14, less that two weeks from now.
After months of creation, speculation and preparation the show is in the final stage of rehearsal before it debuts.
Over the last few days both Hanson and their neighbours the Tulsa Symphony, have tweeted pictures which show them hard at work with David Campbell.
This presentation of Hanson’s music catalogue will be a very different experience for their audience.

The stage will be shared by over 50 musicians, all bringing the specific qualities of their instruments to music which in most cases has been performed many times and often with one voice and one instrument.
It says a lot about the quality of Hanson’s work, that it can stand up to scrutiny as simple acoustic music, while having the potential for the full orchestration that has been arranged for it.

Hanson Instagram

Musical scores have been on show and they have revealed that among the songs included are MMMBop, Where’s The Love and a new song, Reaching For The Sky. Other songs verified or suggested are Siren Call, I Was Born, You Can Dream It, Me, Myself and I and Tonight.
Hanson talk excitedly about what is ahead. They have spoken about how their own musical skills will be tested by the structure of a score and how their individual playing styles will have to be tempered in the melting pot of the orchestral soundscape. A whole new level of expectation then for the audience and a whole new level of performance for the guys with music in their veins.
For musicians always wanting the extraordinary, String Theory will reveal the depths of their music. Maybe this time the question “Are You Listening”, will really resonate, as the layers of Hanson’s songs are accentuated by different instruments and the harmonies given the perfect backdrop and space to ring true and clear.

As for the Hanson audience, this will be a seated, more sedate affair. Will it be possible to keep the hard-core fans in their seats? Who knows? The music may be set within a different genre but it is still rock n roll and it is still Hanson. Will Taylor Hanson jump up and down in a tuxedo? Will Isaac Hanson strut the stage and with his guitar flirt with the front row?
This is a Hanson concert and it is difficult to imagine the live vibe missing from their performance. So Make way for Hanson, full of energy, passion, style, talent and pride, such pride, performing String Theory.
Hanson, no longer content to “Just do this”, but doing it whilst reaching for the sky or is it the moon and surrounded by the stars.

Hanson With The Columbus Symphony July 14 2018

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