Tulsa Times #70 Hanson Head To Norway 3 – Kristina’s Story.

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Tulsa Times #70 Hanson Head To Norway 3 – Kristina’s Story.

With the Hanson shows in Norway getting closer, we complete our countdown with Kristina’s Story.
Kristina began a campaign in 2012, to get Hanson to play in Norway. We are excited that her hopes have been fulfilled and wish all fans travelling to Norway a fantastic time! 

I was only 9 years old when Mmmbop took the world with storm, and though I was still very much a child at heart, that song definitely made a huge impact on me. Thinking about my first experiences with Hanson, takes me back to when I used to spend my days after school at my grandmother and grandfather’s house. As soon as the song came on, I would get up on the couch and jump around and dance. Not only does going back to the memories of being 9 years old mirror the joy I have for Hanson today, but also the great memories from spending time with my grandparents. That is something I will cherish for life, and moments I will keep with me forever.

However, being only 9, pop music did not stick with me as much as typical kids music did. That lead to a fallout with Hanson for quite some time. Fast forward 8 years, to 2005 – I had just gotten home from school, and was switching through the few TV channels we had, when I suddenly saw three guys I recognized, but could not recall from where, until the host said “I am sitting here with Hanson” – I freaked out! I could not believe what I was seeing, especially since I had asked myself a few weeks earlier what they were up to today, if they were still making music. It was kind of freaky the way it happened, especially that they were on a Norwegian music show. They were there to promote their Underneath album, and after I heard “Penny and Me” and “Underneath” I was hooked. It didn’t help that I was a hopeless teenager, crushing hard on Taylor (which I slightly did back in 97 as well), haha!

Now that I was hooked, I had to learn everything about what they had been up to for the past 8 years. Countless hours were spent online, googling and listening to all their music and connecting with other fans all over the world. A few months after their promo visit to Norway, I attended my first concert in Copenhagen, Denmark. As I was only 16 and my parents did not want me to go on my own, my wonderful father said he would drive me. We got there a day before the show, and spent some time exploring Copenhagen, or I was basically walking around hoping I would run into them. But as it started to get pretty late in the afternoon, we decided to go back to the hotel. As we are walking, I suddenly see a guy that looks familiar and it took me a few seconds before I realized it was Zac and then that the other two was with him as well. I had no idea what to do, and even passed them at first, but I just had to say hi – so I called out for Zac and they all stopped and turned around. We chatted for a little bit, they were so sweet and incredible nice. I still regret not asking for a picture, to capture my first meeting with them. But sometimes the memory is just as good as a photo! To meet them was beyond what I had expected, and I had never in my wildest dreams expected the concert to be that mind blowing amazing –  that is when I realized this was going to be the beginning of something truly amazing.

It has really been an amazing ride, and it is not stopping anytime soon. What started out as a love for great music and a teenage crush, has developed into something I can hardly explain with words and has impacted my life in so many positive and wonderful ways. First of all, I have met so many incredible people, from all over the world, who I now see as close friends. There is truly something special with all of them, and I am so thankful for each and one of them! I would never have met any of them, if it hadn’t been for Hanson. The friendships might have started out with the love for the same band, but with endless hours spent on the pavement in line, day and night, country after country and state after state, strong friendships has been built. I have been lucky enough that I have been able to travel a lot for Hanson, or I have made it a priority in my life, because not only does seeing them live give me such a joy, but it also means that I get to see my friends. Though all the traveling initially has been to see Hanson, lately seeing my friends has become just as big of a factor, as nothing is greater than seeing your favorite band with wonderful friends!


The music has definitely been the driving force behind why I keep coming back for more, but it is also their passion for their profession, all their hard work and their dedication to the fans that makes being a Hanson fan extra special. I am truly impressed with everything they do, and it has pushed me to work harder on my own goals. Their dedication to their profession and fans shows me that if you work hard, it will take you places. Sure, that is not a secret, but it taught me to take more control over my own life and do what I needed to do, in order to achieve my goals.
I moved to the U.S. when I was 19, because I wanted to explore a different culture and why not do that while getting a degree? It also made it easier to see Hanson more, as they toured more in the U.S. However, the U.S. is a huge country, so it definitely took time and effort to make it happen. But I have still managed to see them over 100 times, in 12 countries and 17 states while getting two bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and being in the last year of my PhD. I don’t think I would have been going for my PhD, if I hadn’t been a Hanson fan. I never really had the drive when it came to school, but seeing how hardworking they were and the passion they had for what they do, made me realize that I needed to keep going. My passion of ensuring that students with disabilities to get an education that meets their needs, enriches their lives and empowers them as individuals is too important to let go, and I cannot sit around and be a lazy person. I need to work hard and do my best at being part of the change I wish to see.

As you can see, Hanson has given me a lot, and I should not complain, but one thing has been missing: a Hanson show in Norway! Though it has been amazing to see them in all the places I have gone, it has been a dream since I was 16 to have them do a show in Norway. With the hard work and dedication I learned from Hanson, I set out on a mission – I had a 5 year plan, to get them to Norway. I created a facebook page, where I shared videos and information about Hanson. I contacted radio stations, TV shows and venues in Norway, asking if they could play their music, show their music videos and have them play at their venues. I was driven for a little while, life got busy and I struggled to keep the facebook page updated. However, I would make sure to ask Hanson every time I saw them, if they were planning to come to Norway. I am sure they got quite sick of me asking after a while, haha!

BUT it is finally happening! About a month before it had been 5 years since I created the facebook page and set my plan, it was announced that they were coming to Norway to do 3!!! We love the 90s show. I could not stop crying! My biggest dream was finally coming true! Sure it wasn’t a full show, but I did not care! I was just so thrilled that they had decided to come. I am not claiming that it was due to my 5 year plan that they now decided to come, but I hope that my constant questions of them coming might have helped some, haha! I will be forever thankful to the guys who booked them for the 90s shows. I actually met them this summer, after the show in Paris. That’s when I learned that they had more planned for us. One of the guys was a fan and really wanted them to do a show in his hometown – Ålesund. This got me and my friends very excited, but we couldn’t share it with anyone, as nothing was set in stone and we did not want to start false rumours, in case it didn’t happen. We waited very patiently, with a few messages now and then, to see if anything had been decided. The longer it took to get a confirmation, the less hope I had, but boy was I wrong in doubting that this was happening. December 1st, Chris (one of the 90s guys) messaged me, saying that big news were coming for April 25th. I said I hoped it was good news, and he quickly confirmed that Hanson was doing a full show in Ålesund. So of course I cried again! Like wow, we were basically getting a mini Norway tour! As it had not been announced by the venue yet, we had to wait to announce it to everyone else. But as soon as that happened I could finally celebrate and we could let everyone else know!

I still cannot believe this is happening, but I am so grateful to the guys who booked them and that Hanson agreed to do that many shows while they are here. Though I have seen them a lot of times, this will be something so special about this show! Something that will make it extra special is to know that those Norwegian fans who has not been able to travel to see them, like I have, finally will be able to experience them live. I am so thrilled for them, because not only is it amazing to see them live, but for the first time to be in your own country must be beyond joyful! I am excited to meet a lot of Norwegian fans I have never met before, and show Hanson that though Norway is a tiny country they have a lot of fans here. Hopefully, that will make them consider Norway as a frequent stop on their future tours!

Many thanks to Kristina for sharing her story.

Please do not use kristina’s pictures without credit.

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