Tulsa Times #69 Hanson Head To Norway 2 – Viktoria’s Story.

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Tulsa Times #69 Hanson Head To Norway 2 – Viktoria’s Story.

As the Hanson shows in Norway get a little closer, we are excited to hear from Scandinavian fans who are eager for the days to arrive. Today we share Viktoria’s story.

Over the last decade or so I’ve traveled for Hanson more than I could have ever imagined. Once you jump on that touring carousel, it just seems impossible to stop (I know a lot of you know exactly what I mean). I’ve had reason to visit 17 different cities in 11 different countries thanks to Hanson. Now that is of course something my 12-year-old self would have never believed or even dreamed of.

My first Hanson show, however, was back home in Scandinavia. It was in Copenhagen on the Underneath world tour of 2005. On that same tour I was also lucky enough to welcome Hanson to my hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. It is possible that I am more than a little biased, of course, but I still consider that Stockholm show one of the absolute greatest Hanson shows to date. I guess, after all, that’s how much it means to have your favorite band visit your home country 🙂 And that’s why it makes me so happy that in 2018, my fellow fans in Norway will now finally get to have that experience too.

Hanson in Sweden 2005

When I first heard about the upcoming show in Ålesund I couldn’t believe it. I must admit I had sort of given up and wasn’t expecting Hanson to ever come back here. After all, it’s been 13 years. 13 years is a long time to try and keep your hopes up. But now I can’t wait to add a new country to my list and join my Norwegian friends in welcoming Hanson back to Scandinavia! The excitement and expectations are running high, as Tove pointed out in her blog post a few weeks ago. I cross my fingers for a sold-out venue and an absolutely electric crowd.

Taylor Hanson 2011 London                                                    Isaac Hanson 2005

Unfortunately, being a music fan following a band halfway around the world doesn’t really go well with a climate friendly lifestyle, that’s for sure. We all probably know by now that flying is really bad for the environment. To be fair, we should probably just stop doing it. Personally, I figured I should at least stop flying at times when there’s a good alternative. So, I’m taking the train to Ålesund. I heard the scenery going north west from Oslo is absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to see it for myself. Also, thanks to an encouraging and very helpful Facebook community of Hanson fans, I’m now all set with train tickets, bus schedules, handy phone applications and tourist information. Only 63 days to go…


Many thanks to Viktoria for sharing her story with us.
Please do not use Viktoria’s pictures without credit.

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