Middle Of Everywhere Tour – A Giant Leap

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The Middle Of Everywhere Tour – A Giant Leap

The Middle Of Everywhere Tour has now travelled across Europe, Australia and New Zealand. As Hanson return to the USA to play Milwaukee’s Summerfest, fans are returning to their homes and Hanson are catching their collective breath.

The tour has been a huge success with sold out shows and audiences full of excitement and energy.
The music has taken audiences on a supersonic ride across the expanse of Hanson’s musical universe and the arrangements of songs have caused fans to gasp at the sheer audacity of a band that plays non stop for two hours. There have been no down moments as one member of Hanson sings a solo and the others get a tea break. The whole band has been on stage throughout each show and pumped up the volume all the way to I Was Born which is fast becoming the anthem for the Tour.

Hanson closed out their visit to New Zealand with a trip to the Sky Tower in Auckland where they took a giant leap for mankind to promote the views for the video for I Was Born.

Some moments from the tour as captured by the media

The Brag

New Zealand Herald 

The Guardian

May The Rock Be With You

MTV Australia

With Jason Singh

Hanson Back In Australia

Getty Images

Randomly naked

Photo Gallery Tivoli

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