With a little ‘Hi’ from Hanson’s friends

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With A Little ‘Hi’ from Hanson’s Friends.

The Middle Of Everywhere tour is in its third full week of shows. It has travelled from Cologne via Paris to London and on to Australia.
The sets were packed with 25 years of Hanson music and the shows  moved seamlessly from song to song. Long time fans have racked up anything from their 10th to their 100th show or fulfilled life long dreams of seeing their favourite band live for the first time. New fans were inducted into the crazy world of Hanson show queuing and more than a few partners have realised what their dearest have been going on about for so long.

There has been a ‘whole lot a love’ on show this tour. The audiences have proclaimed their passion for Hanson and Hanson have rewarded their loyalty with energised performances and attentive interaction before, during and after the shows.

The level of energy has been intense and there is a justified awe of Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson as they keep the music fired up for 2 hours without a break, day after day.

A few well-known music lovers were spotted at shows. In London, Isaac Hanson paid tribute to Steven Lironi who worked with Hanson on Middle Of Nowhere and This Time Around and who had a perfect spot, watching from the balcony.

Before the Tour began we contacted several of Hanson’s friends and asked if they had any words to share for the band as they launched their anniversary tour.

David Garza has been friends with Isaac, Taylor and Zac for many years and he responded with these generous words for them as they set out on the road.

“The work I have done with Hanson is mainly the work of friends. I feel we are musical brothers for probably 20 years now. I have played on recordings of theirs in the past & sat in on shows but the real “work” is the easiest work, keeping them in my heart as a fan & a friend.
You know that little smile you get when you hear of good news from a loved one? I get that for each milestone from Hanson. My favorite Hanson jam of the moment “Thinking ‘Bout ‘Something’.
Over time I have enjoyed getting to watch them stretch & grow from early days to “I Was Born”
As they set out on their tour I encourage them to go crazy & take risks.
Sending love to the brothers and all the Tulsa familia xodg”

Thank you so much for these words David, we understand that smile and we wish Hanson a million milestones as they pave their road.

As the tour moves across continents we wish Hanson and their fans the very best.







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