Hanson in London

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Hanson In London

ITV London Live

En route to Europe, Hanson made a two day stop over in London to promote the Middle Of Everywhere Tour and the new single,  I Was Born.

Their itinerary included stops at Good Morning Britain TV  Virgin Radio  NME Magazine  and ITV  London Live News.

The media was full of commentary following twitter responses to the Good Morning Britain interview. They revealed that Hanson fans were “Shocked” and in “Meltdown” over the change in the appearances of Isaac, Taylor and Zac, after 20 years.

Of course the real fans of Hanson were far from surprised. They have been following the band avidly over the years and can document every development in the band’s history, music and appearance without blinking an eye or flipping a fringe.

It was inevitable that the media would focus on MMMBop as this year celebrates 20 years since this song was a hit and articles paid respectful attention to the intention and purpose of Hanson’s new song and video. Meanwhile the video received 561,000 views on YouTube.

Much of the news referred to People Music  piece on I Was Born from May 29th.

So while ITV viewers get over the shock of what 20 years does to us all, @hansonmusic fans who follow the band continue to enjoy the passing of time and get ready for the music – just like usual.

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