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Hanson – Still Searching

It has been quite a year for Hanson.
Well, that is an understatement of course.
It has been an amazing year.
It has been a year full of new music, new ventures and new possibilities.
2013 has marked Hanson’s 21st year as a band, but it’s a year that has laid down foundations for the future as well as celebrating the past.

Photo credit to Leah Harris
Photo credit to Leah Harris

During this year they have finished, promoted and toured with their 6th studio album Anthem, as well as appearing at festivals, leading walks, hosting member’s only events and launching Mmmhops into the world.

They have travelled thousands of miles, seen thousands of people, taken hundreds of pictures and sung their hearts out a million times.

As the New Year beckons we take this opportunity to look back in 12 moments at 2013 as it has been for Hanson.

January: The beginning of the end of the recording of Anthem and the first Back to the Island event in Jamaica.

February: Hanson live stream the creation and recording of Anthem.

March: Zac proclaims the album finished and a new look Hanson.net is launched.
Oh and someone has a crazy birthday.

April: The promotion of Anthem and Get the Girl Back begin.


May: Hanson day in Tulsa is marked with a listening party, show and the recording of the members EP with a choir of fans.

June: Hanson celebrates with a 21st birthday show in NYC, followed by a special show to mark the release of Anthem.


July: The UK promotion begins, The Sound of Light EP is released, Hanson appears at the Mix Tape festival and the South American leg of the Anthem Tour is held.



August: A little time is spent in the office. Hanson attends the Minnesota State Fair.
The Live in New York DVD is under construction.

September: The Anthem Tour takes to the roads across North America with walks and members only events. Taylor performs a solo of lost Without You and Zac performs Get so Low.

October: Zac and Kate Hanson welcome baby George Abraham,  Mmmhops makes its debut in Chicago and the tour travels to Canada.

Zac Hanson with new son, George Abraham Walker
© Zac Hanson

November: Hanson Eat to the Beat and the Bee Gees classic Too Much Heaven makes the set list.


December: The European leg of the tour begins at The London Apple Store and the Beat the Street Tour bus travels to from Glasgow to Milan. The band enjoys some down time until the New Year’s Eve show in Syracuse NY.


Whilst the notes above cover in a nutshell the activities of Hanson over the past year, they go little way towards capturing the passion, drive, determination, energy and sheer hard work that have been poured into every possible minute and hour to make it happen.

Imagining the miles travelled in a tour bus, with show after show, in all weathers and with commitments spread through the day from early until late, might foster some appreciation of the guts it takes to keep this show on the road.

But knowing that it comes at the end of a year that has been full of innovation and creative endeavours of an extremely hands on nature, can only, surely, deepen the gratitude, respect and admiration that onlookers and fans of Hanson have for them.


And if at the end of this year full of amazing moments, anyone wants to know more about what makes Hanson keep going or what drives them on into the future, just take a trip through the recently posted Hanson.net reporter interviews.

Here they talk with candour and generosity about their professional life, offering real insight into the music, the lifestyle, the motivations and the future of their business.

If anyone seriously wants to know what may lie ahead for Hanson in 2014, there are plenty of clues.

Hanson talk of their aspirations, their understanding of the music industry, the best ways to deliver their music, the partnership between artist and fan, the continuation of the Take the Walk campaign and much more.

back stage with hanson

From these conversations, it is clear that Hanson look to the future.
That the best song is the one not yet written and the best idea is the one not yet realised.
There is always more to dream and imagine.
There is always more to do and the day when enough is done may never come.

And their reflections are all offered with the confidence, resilience, intelligence and wisdom of professionals who have been much more than a band for 21 years.

As 2014 opens up its own moments and opportunities, we offer words from a song as inspiration and for company.

It resounds with the images that have coloured 2013 and confirms that the New Year will draw Hanson and their fans further towards the best and their best – whatever that may prove to be.

The Sound of Light  

Never been enough, to be standing still

Always had a taste for another thrill

When I hit a wall, when I’m put to the test

I always find it hard to ignore it 

When I feel the heat I know I’m on my way

Just a little spark that burns so bright

I’ll be on my feet ‘til I reach the day

I’ll be searching, searching for the sound of light 

I’ve never feared the fire, never pined for rest

Never had a need for an empty test

There is still a light that no man has touched

I’ve got to see for myself how it’s burning 

When I feel the heat I know I’m on my way

Just a little spark that burns so bright

I’ll be on my feet ‘til I reach the day

I’ll be searching, searching for the sound of light

Got to hear it

For you to know

Cause I just can’t tell what I’m searching for 

I’ve been searching, searching for the sound

I’ve been searching, searching for the sound


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  1. Just a note: the first time Taylor Hanson performed a solo of Lost Without You wasn’t in September! He performed this solo in July, in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

  2. Amazing round up of what Hanson got up to in 2013. Such an exciting year and I’m sure 2014 will have even more to offer the band and their fans!

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