Hanson at SXSW with Tulsa Music Showcase

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Hanson At SXSW with Tulsa Music Showcase

They say that what goes around, comes around and so there couldn’t be a more fitting “Something” for Hanson during the year of their 25th anniversary in music making, than an appearance at SXSW, the place where their career took a new turn in 1994.

What makes this appearance even more special, is that Hanson will appear as headliners for the very first Tulsa Music Showcase, a vehicle for celebrating the best in Tulsa Music, with its long and respected music heritage.

In a recent article from 8abcTulsa, Taylor Hanson said, “As we look ahead to a full year of live music celebrating our band’s 25th anniversary, we’re proud to highlight our Tulsa roots and join the Tulsa Music Showcase at SXSW.”

  Abby Kurin, director of Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts and Culture added, “Hanson is synonymous with Tulsa music – but they also have a global reach with fans all around the world, making them the ideal headliner for our first-ever SXSW official music showcase.”

As Hanson take the best in Independent music making to Austin and endorse the life and legacy of Tulsa music, they underline what it is that makes music original, lasting, resonant and connected to its roots.


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