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Tonight is The First Night

Our excitement in uncontrollable. Our anticipation is running high. Our sense of expectation is visible.

Tonight or Today or Tomorrow, all around the globe, many people who adore the band Hanson will be tuning in to www.hanson.net to hear Anthem played through for the very first time, from the very first to the very last note. Although some fans have already heard the full album – for many others, this is it.

There will be smiles, tears, laughter, singing, shouting, screaming and a sense of something almost beyond words.

If you don’t believe it, just go outside into the streets and listen very carefully. Something special will be out there in the air waves, just as it has been for 16 years and a few more.

Taylor and Isaac Hanson
Taylor and Isaac Hanson

Hanson are something like nothing else.

They have been described in many ways by many people; musical pundits and others. All have been trying to put their finger on the ingredients that make the music and magic of Hanson so very credible.

Some have tried to deny the talent and reduce the complexity of the intelligence owned by this band, to simple sound bites and platitudes. But beware. This cannot be done.

Tonight, Today or Tomorrow, as the listening party for Anthem is held on the band’s website and people begin to receive and open their albums, there will be a celebration of the best that music can give.

Not only because this is going to be great music, crafted and refined in the fires of resilience, ingenuity and passion but because the listeners will understand what they are hearing.

Zac Hanson
Zac Hanson

They will hear a band confident in their musical skin yet testing the boundaries.

A band pushing their sound a little further while staying connected to the roots of their inspirations.

Musicians whose ability to work with tensions, generates some of the most authentic and enlivening music to be heard at the moment.

And this album is about just that. The moment, the spark, the energy that creates something that is not only worth singing about but which demands to be heard.

Credit Hanson
Credit Hanson

This is worth a special mention.

Anthem is both a celebration and an pronouncement.

It brings together and expresses what Hanson care about both musically and lyrically and it gives that directly to the fans.

This album was originally to be called “The Sound Of Light”- Tonight fans will hear that sound.

In the metaphors and music, that which generates and sustains life will be known and felt and it will do just that.

Excuse the enthusiasm. It is uncontrolled. Today is a good day.

Thank you Hanson for this music. Thank you for the Anthem.

Celebrating and Singing with you.

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