Hanson On The Road Unpaved

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Hanson On The Road Unpaved

Hanson 25 Years of Music On Their Own Terms by Yasmine Shamesh
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When tour time comes around it is interesting to read the reviews and pre-show publicity that accompanies it.

Sometimes it is a disappointing mix of over familiar platitudes and questions but from time to time an insightful and thoughtful piece grows like a flower along the roadside, seizing attention and catching the curiosity of the fans.

In her piece for BEATROUTE, Yasmine Shemesh captures the truth about Hanson’s history and their vision for the longterm.

Her knowledge takes the reader from Hanson’s first appearance at Mayfest in 92, all the way to their present circumstances, on tour, writing music as they travel and prepare for the next chapter.

The article touches on the key moments in the band’s journey and sensitively allows Zac Hanson to offer answers and perspectives which enable to reader to enter the excitement of who Hanson have been, are and will be in the future.

“There is a line in Hanson’s newest single, “I Was Born,” that goes: “There’s a road out in front of me, nobody can see, I’m paving it as I go.” “It does connect to something we believe about ourselves and about the world,” Zac says, of the verse. “That this idea of living your dream or living a dream or chasing something that is powerful and meaningful, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy.”” Yasmine Shamesh

This mark of Hanson’s integrity may be familiar to fans who have followed their career over decades, but here is a chance for the newer fans to taste the truth right from the get go.

From the skill and intensity of their live performance to the deep connection that Hanson have with their fans, this article shows understanding of the keys to the band’s success.

“Live performance remains a fundamental element of the magic. Attend a concert or listen to Hanson acoustically to understand why. They are exceptional musicians — Zac on drums, Isaac on guitar, and Taylor on piano — and can switch between instruments effortlessly. Lead singer Taylor has an impossibly soulful voice, an ability to give goosebumps. Their harmonies perhaps pack the most impressive punch. Playing live keeps Hanson going, Zac says, particularly for how it allows them to go further as songwriters and relate intensely to the audience. “Without those kind of experiences, I think we easily could have stopped years ago, but every time you go on stage, you can’t help but remember why you’re there. All the crap you go through to get there doesn’t matter anymore.””
Yasmine Shamesh

Reading about Hanson’s integrity, honesty, passion and understanding of the human condition is endlessly satisfying and encouraging.

These truths reveal themselves in every song that Hanson write and every interview they give. It is great to see music media invest the time in giving space to those truths.

Wherever there are eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to follow.



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