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Worth The Wait

When May comes it will herald Hanson’s 21st birthday as a band.

The 20th year has been marked by a picture everyday on Face Book, with every album and tour having a moment to be celebrated and remembered.

Fans may have a favourite picture, question or message from this activity and it seems that many have checked in each day even before they have started college or work, got ready to sleep or taken their first or last drink of the day. Where ever in the world they live, many fans have visited this feature regularly and it will be missed when it ends.


But when it ends a new phase will begin and it is clear that Hanson have used a clever device to keep their fans connected through this year of music creation, moving them seamlessly into the hearing, promotion, sharing and touring of the eagerly awaited album 6.

In Tulsa at this year’s Hanson day MOE, the album will be played and the story of its creation will be told in a local cinema and fans will celebrate with all kinds of emotions running as high as the excitement.

The event is sure to stand out from the rest because this is a completed major album being played for the first time and Hanson announced last week that they would be hosting a walk.

The renewed downtown area of The Brady District will look very different to the scene of the Chicago home builders and construction crews, dusty roads, open spaces and helmeted work men that characterised Main Street and surroundings at last year’s MOE.

Brady 001It seems that Hanson had great foresight in siting their label, 3CG Records, in the heart of what has proved to be a vibrant, artistically rich and financially healthy area of the city.

Where ever Hanson chooses to lead their walk, there will probably be little doubt that unlike some 21 year olds, they are comfortable, settled, at home and thriving right where they are.

At the end of the weekend, members will go home with the new music on their lips, the membership kit in their hands and a share of thousands of dollars of much loved merchandise sticking out from their suitcases and hand luggage!

But before May arrives there is April…

April promises news of the single, the album, the tour and apparently – to quote Taylor, “April is not only going to be a month of announcing things, you will most definitely be able to get your hands on music and more”. Hanson.net


So watch out credit cards, merchandise packages could be about to hit you … one way or another!

So whether fans are able to get to Tulsa this year or not, there is much to look forward to … and it all starts in a just a few days.

When Zac Hanson announced on 21st March that the album was mixed, mastered, finished and in their hands, the twittering became a chorus of approval with just a touch of speculation.

“I know it is going to be worth the wait”, said Zac.

For Hanson and fans there’s a lot being waited for… the end of one great year and the start of another – new music to enjoy and promote, announcements, MOE, merchandise and much more.

And until the 20th year officially ends, the remaining 40some pictures will continue to mark the journey of the music, the men, the magic and much that has up till now been unseen. There is so much more still to come.

And yes, it is always worth the wait.


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