Hanson String Theory: A Revelation or Maybe Not.

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Hanson String Theory: A Revelation or Maybe Not

“Never been enough to be standing still
Always had a taste for another thrill
When I hit a wall, when I’m put to the test
Always find it hard to ignore it
When I feel the heat, I know I’m on my way
Just a little spark that burns so bright
I’ll be on my feet until I reach the day
I’ll be searching, searching for the sound of light”

Taylor Hanson String Theory Utrecht – Katia Zanotti

Whether it is the opening phrases or the last notes of Hanson’s String Theory, these sentiments from The Sound Of Light, capture what Hanson was, is and always will be. And they capture the essence of String Theory in their uncompromising declaration that Hanson are seekers of the fulfilment of their musical and personal identities.
Their musical manifesto is one of self-determination, following their instincts, dreaming big and imagining the unimaginable. And whatever the sound of light is, it has the shape of something dynamic, explosive, potent and authoritative.
Hanson have been writing songs that reflect this theme throughout their career.
MMMBop, talks of planting seeds, growing potential and keeping hold of things that truly matter. This Time Around, the title track from their second studio album, rejects the easy way out and looks towards courage and honesty as the answers to testing times in life.
Underneath, their third studio album is much more than a next release. It stands as the story of growing into self-reliance, making tough choices and taking control, as Hanson became independent artists. And so, it goes on, with Hanson’s musical catalogue being a picture book of their circumstances.
On their special Ep’s available to their fan club members, Hanson have released some of their more experimental music, songs that missed the cut for major albums and songs that are more personal. But even here, the challenge in the lyrics has been to live authentically, positively and without fear.

Zac Hanson String Theory Utrecht – Katia Zanotti

This is the background to String Theory. A musical story which follows the anticipation, discovery and realisation of a boy’s hopes and dreams. Although the boy is a character imagined by Hanson, he is the reflection of their selves and his story is their own.

So, what has a week of String Theory concerts been like for fans across the UK and Europe?

One way to find out is to hashtag Hanson on Instagram and find excited posts from fans old, new and returning. The responses have a heartfelt exuberance and genuine love at their core.

String Theory London
Frebell Instagram String Theory London

For some in the audience it was about seeing Hanson live for the first time. For others it was about hearing their music in a different setting, with orchestral arrangements in fabulous buildings steeped in musical grandeur.

Isaac Hanson String Theory London – Mmmboptastic

In truth, the experience was probably different for every person seated or standing in the audience. Yet it seemed that people of every age, musical taste and Hanson history came to shows with one thing in common; a great affection for three men who began a career as youngsters. Some sat waiting for their favourite songs from MON, some sang every word to every song, some were unable to resist shouting “I love you” and some found new respect for a band they hardly knew. Then there are those who celebrated their journey through love, adoration, struggle and celebration alongside the band that has defined much of their lives.

String Theory is a compilation of old and new Hanson music and spans at least 22 years of their career. Songs have been woven into the story so that the lyrics paint the picture of a journey from starting out, growing and losing, to rebuilding, hoping and dreaming. The highs and lows of the music mirror the sentiments of the words and the orchestral arrangements add depth and space for reflection.

As an opener, the plaintive questioning of Reaching for The Sky created space to allow the music to be new, whilst Taylor Hanson’s tender voice and piano playing touched many a passionate memory.

Taylor Hanson String Theory Utrecht – Katia Zanotti

The performances of Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson had all that is best about their talents individually and as a trio. They brought all of their energy and attitude to the songs, played multiple instruments and they sang with passion, boldness and superb clarity. They connected with their audience in a way that is unique to Hanson. Their eyes were never still, moving from face to face in the crowd, scanning for new and old friends, validating everyone’s presence and expressing gratitude.

It is interesting to learn that the first and last notes of String Theory are the same. The first few notes of Reaching For The Sky are repeated in the last few notes of Tonight, the final song. Musically that is possibly a moment missed by less observant individuals, but as a point of attention to detail it underlines something beautiful. Are Hanson telling us that everything is connected in their world? That beginnings and endings are all part of the whole? That their story has a thread running through it, that brings them and us back to the same place time and time again? That the story of reaching for the sky is the same as jumping in the crowd and making it count right now? That where they began is not so different from where they are now? And that everything that counts is built by growing, believing, losing, discovering, hurting, healing, hoping and dreaming.

The details of String Theory, the musical composition of strings, brass, percussion, woodwind and rock music may be a beautiful revelation for all those who listen, but for those who know Hanson, the message is one we have loved since forever.
It is about what is most beautiful in life and we are just so glad that others get to dream it and do it too.
Thank you Hanson for bringing your story to us over the pond.

Many Thanks to katia Carlo Zanotti for the pictures from Utrecht.
Many Thanks to Marie for use of her Instagram content.

For more Hanson String Theory https://hanson.net/tours-events

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