Tulsa Times #2

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# 2 Chaos and Creation

March seems to be a very creative month for Hanson. For the last three albums at least, March before the release dates has seen degrees of chaotic mess in the Hanson studio.

The face book picture 297 shows Taylor Hanson’s Painted Hands 2010 during the – Give A Little Video Shoot – Tulsa OK. This was taken on March 9th 2010.
Six days later, in a H.net futy, Taylor wrote, “Check out a quick pick of me getting a lil bit messy with paint on the set of the music video for the follow up single to Thinking Bout Somethin…We filled water balloons with paint and then threw them at plexi glass…I squeezed a bit too soon…good times”. -TAYLOR

The rest of the March futys are all about packages, posters and paintings – the creative chaos continuing as the album count down progresses.

2006 was similar although the news was briefer and there were no images to entice,
On the 9th March 2006 – the year before The Walk release, the message from the band was,

Chaos Creation in the studio
“Hey all, just wanted you to know that we are alive and well and enjoying our hermitage in the studio. There are times to play rock shows, times to take a break and times to create. We are enjoying the latter. – T”

The events that followed, featuring the album, the Taking the Walk podcast, the Walks and the adventure with TOMS shoes all proved that creative time is never, ever wasted on Hanson.

hanson_guitarsAnd then last week, Zac posted pictures of the custom painted guitars that were mentioned during the recent live streams and will be available for view and purchase at this year’s Hanson day – along with news that Hanson will also be selling other original art at this event.


Yes, March seems to be a pretty creative month for Hanson.

It has also seen some excellent tweeting from @hansonmusic as Zac answered a flurry of questions on all things from plethoras to Nutella, via moving to Tulsa and his favorite Beatle, George Harrison. If the definition of creativity is connecting the seemingly unconnected, then you Zac have got it!

Taylor also threw some tweets around, showing that creative geniuses can mix and surf all at once, be daddy and boyfriend, while also driving an adolescent car with a spirit for adventure!

But it must be the Old Man himself, whose tweets displayed the most passion for the creative challenge that is Hanson’s kind of music making.
On Friday morning, Isaac let us a little deeper into the secret that is the music of Bill Withers, when he linked to this and declared it one of the most bad ass grooves of all time.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBhLh0BJAWA
Ever since Isaac watched a DVD of “The Old Grey Whistle Test” in 2002 and saw Bill Withers perform “Ain’t No Sunshine”, (mentioned in the Underneath Acoustic DVD), he has declared his love for this music through covers of that song as well as “Use me” and “Lean on Me”. If Isaac’s latest tweets were more than just late night meanderings, the next Hanson tour could feature a virtuoso performance that combines the classy and creative with the down right near impossible to pull off! We wait for this, as with all Hanson creations, with bated breath and excitement beyond any words that can be tweeted or face booked!

Written by Hanfan2000

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