From the Band – 22 Feb 2013

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We have done it! The new album is finished! Well that is not completely true, we have finished tracking (recording). After the last few months of recording, and all the writing before that we have completed sixteen songs, and from them we will build our sixth studio album. In the last few weeks we gave members a peak into the studio to hear and see the final notes as they were put down. They heard bits of You Cant Stop Us Now and Tragic Symphony both songs that are strong indications of what is unique about the new album, but it is still only a taste of what will become the final track listing for album number six. What comes next? Now we move on mixing, after that we will pick the final track listing (make sure you are ready to fight for your favorite song) and finally we will master the album. If all goes as planned, you will all get to share in what we have created in just a handful of months.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson



Looks like it won’t be too much longer until we get our hands on the new album! I’m excited to hear where they’d headed musically this time. Also, I’m keeping away from any snippets, leaks or sneak-peeks so it’s all new to me when released.

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