Isaac Hanson: Good Hair Runs in the Family

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Feb 19, 2013

By Natasha Young

isaac-hanson-200-feb-15-2013I think that’s just the luck of the draw, in regard to genes. Truthfully, I’ve used various pomades and things, but I actually don’t use that stuff anymore. I just use whatever hairspray I can get a hold of to just keep it from floppin’ all over the place. That’s about it. I use very little hair product in general, and I don’t even use the same shampoo consistently, so … there you go! I’m pretty sure Zac and Tay are the same.” — Isaac Hanson

In our exclusive interview with “MMMBop” hit-maker (NOSTALGIA ALERT!), Isaac Hanson, of the now-grown-up Hanson, revealed the boys actually do very little to keep their famous blonde locks lookin’ fine. Check out this behind-the-scenes look into their video for “Get the Girl Back.”

Source: AOL Music Blog

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