Hanson, Beer: Isaac Gives Update on ‘MmmHop’ Progress (EXCLUSIVE)

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Hanson, Beer: Isaac Gives Update on ‘MmmHop’ Progress (EXCLUSIVE)

February 1, 2013

Once upon a time, back in 2011, Zac Hanson of Hanson confirmed the band was planning on crafting a beer. The idea for the beverage named — you guessed it — “MmmHop” “has been brewing for some time,” the drummer said.

FEB_2013_3CG_PROMOAfter the initial announcement (and enthusiastic response from the “MmmBop” generation, most of whom are above the legal drinking age), all news on the IPA seemed to trickle off.

This morning AOL Music chatted with Isaac Hanson and he confirmed: The beer is definitely in the works!

“We’re dealing with some of the complications of distribution,” Isaac explained. “What we realized very quickly is that there was a wide range of people around the world who wanted the beer, and what we’ve been trying to figure out is what the most streamlined way to properly roll it out would be. And so, good things take time, nothing good ever came easy, and we wanna make sure that it’s good.”

The public’s knowledge of the beer caught the band a little off guard, but it there’s an upside to the enthusiastic reaction.

“The fact that people even know that we were in the process of working on that was actually a little of a fluke anyway,” he said. “We were like, well, the cat’s out of the bag a little bit earlier [than expected], but it’s okay. At least we know people want it.”

Isaac told us until there is more information available, fans can be assured the men of Hanson are taking their time to perfect the brew!

“It is definitely coming, and hopefully, we’ll have more to talk about with regards to that sooner rather than later,” Isaac said. “But doing it the right way is the most important thing for us because there’s an easy way to crank out a beer, it’s just not the right way, or the good way. And most importantly, for us, the good way is making sure that the recipe is right, and something that we really, really like, and really think is representative of our preference in beer.”

Source: AOL Music Blog

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