Hanson in Cannes to Shout About Their New Record

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Hanson in Cannes to Shout About Their New Record

11 May 2011

Isaac and Taylor Hanson are in Cannes looking for international distribution for their new album, Shout It Out. The album is released on their own label 3CG, which they formed in 2003.

Isaac and Taylor Hanson

As well as releasing their own records on the label, the three brothers are using the company as a base from which to explore and respond to what they say is “an industry in flux,” and to find new ways to assist artists to connect with their fans. “It’s impossible to replicate the relationship that develops when a band really connects with their fans, but that’s what we’re looking at trying to do,” Taylor said. He added that while social networking sites can help facilitate and reinforce the artist-fan relationship, there is still more that can be done.

“Facebook is a reflection of what people were already doing – communication on mobile phones and other ways. It just brought all those things together,” Isaac said.  “The music industry can learn from Facebook, but Facebook is not the answer alone.”

Taylor said they don’t have much faith in many artists of their age. “Greed has got in the way of music, and the old-style industry isn’t working anymore. We want to find ways to make it work again.” But he added, “We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but we are having a serious look at the wheel.”

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