Natalie Hanson Gives the Scoop on Viggo Moriah

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Natalie Hanson Gives the Scoop on Viggo Moriah

23 December 2008

Musical brother Taylor Hanson is the latest celebrity to choose a baby name that’s reminiscent of another celebrity, when he and wife Natalie named their newborn son and fourth child Viggo Moriah. While actor Viggo Mortensen wasn’t the direct inspiration for the baby’s name, says Natalie Hanson, “He’s a great actor and a strong, handsome modern reference for the name.”

tay_nat_1_croppedNatalie and Taylor were combing through records on when they hit upon Viggo, a Scandinavian name that means “war.” “It has a great sound and matches our last name and we just loved it,” says Natalie. The baby’s middle name Moriah was Taylor’s choice, inspired by the Book of Genesis story of Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac, which took place on Mount Moriah. To the couple’s surprise — despite that Biblical reference — people assume the middle name has a celebrity connection, too. “People have been asking us, ‘Oh, like Mariah Carey?,’ and we didn’t even think of that,” says the new mom. “We were thinking of other Biblical names like Josiah and Jeremiah that to us sounded so masculine.”

Baby Viggo Moriah’s three older siblings, Jordan Ezra, 6; Penelope Anne, 3 ½; and River Samuel, 2, so far pronounce his name “Biggo,” laughs Natalie. “It’s so cute, we always make them say it.”

“I’m such a name fan,” says Natalie, who was poring through name books long before she started her brood with the middle Hanson brother. With the world watching, how does she feel about the pressure to choose the perfect name? “The pressure is worse from my Mom and the in-laws,” she laughs. “But once they see the baby, he’s so precious, they say he looks like a Viggo.”


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