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Hanson Red Green Blue Album 2022

Being on the road for much loved music is not an adventure to be taken lightly. That isn’t because the logistics are crucial, or the distances daunting, or even the finances frightening.

It is because the heart is tested to within an inch of its capacity. The heart is the greatest resource on the road. It drives the intention, the desire to engage, the energy to travel, the space to receive, and the desire to give. This thing about music and a much-loved band, is also about other people, friendships, opportunities to explore and grow, and moments to tread again favourite pathways full of resonance. This takes heart.

Go travelling on tour with a rambling, open, heart and you will never be the same. The experience will challenge your expectations as much as it will reward your plans. It will bring unexpected meetings and opportunities as much as it will match your itinerary, and if you have ears to hear and eyes to see, it will bring treasure from the bottom of the river in the mouth of a big fish.

For so many, this RGB Tour has come as a tonic after the difficulties of a torn and locked down few years. Hanson expressed their joy at being back on the road, and their fans across Europe travelled to shows in new, remote, and iconic venues, eager to keep the story going, and the song playing.

But this tour has been much more than a welcome rerun for established fans who are racking up 30 plus shows. Hanson visited cities in Europe for a first time or after a long absence and brought fans for 25 years to their first ever live Hanson show. Some came with old school friends, some alone, some with partners, some with their children. Some had opportunities to meet the band and were overcome with joy or nerves. Others were excited that Hanson were in their hometown, connecting the past with the present and validating their history.

In Oslo, the fairly small venue was filled with lights and love when Hanson sang, I Will Come To You, and an audience of many first time show goers, but life long fans, celebrated something I cannot put into words. It was pure heart.

We invited three fans that we met in Stockholm and Oslo to share their stories.

Simona: Stockholm
As many other fans I discovered the talented Hanson brothers when Mmmbop first came out in 1997. It was the boyband era, and I could not understand how these teens were so much different than the other boy bands. They harmonised in such a way that even the most judgmental people would raise their eyebrows and their songs had such deep and meaningful messages.
During the Middle of Nowhere and This Time Around I never imagined that I could ever see a Hanson live show even though this was my biggest desire. Finally, when their Underneath album came out, I found out they would play a show in Copenhagen during their Live Acoustic tour. I immediately bought my ticket and planned my trip to see them live in a concert. I remember to this day that I arrived early to the venue they were going to play that night, talking to other fans, and making new friends. Suddenly the gates to the venue opened and a car suddenly appeared pulling inside. As I heard many screaming fans I spotted Zac in the car, throwing the biggest smile and waving. The moment lasted for only two or three seconds but if felt surreal. It was the first time I cried of happiness.
The show was amazing, and I was in the first row very closed to Taylor. When Zac sat on the piano to play his solo a fan threw a red rose on the piano and the petals flew on the keyboards. He turned around smiling, asking us what we wanted to hear: Broken Angel or Lula Belle. We chose Broken Angel. The whole show was magical, and I did not want it to end.
Fast forward many years later, after a 2-year pandemic that pretty much paralysed the whole globe, they announced the release of a new album called Red Green Blue and a new world tour. I was going to experience seeing them live again after 18 years. This time in Stockholm, Sweden. I arrived at the venue early and this time I chatted with much more mature and down to earth fans. I was so pleasantly surprised and so happy to meet such genuine good people. My experience from the Underneath concert encountered screaming and crying fans that chased the boys’ van as they left from the venue after the show. This time it was me having too much adrenaline and still not believing this was real. As I arrived at the venue, I spotted their tour bus. While waiting I had very nice conversations with people from many different countries with whom I hope to stay in touch in the future. I saw Isaac rushing to come into the venue for their soundcheck. Usually I am a shy person, very laid back and careful when initiating the first contact but this time I went directly to him, looking him in the eyes asking: “Isaac, may I please have a picture with you?” He was the sweetest person, grabbing my lower back, smiling. He simply said:” Sure!” From that moment on I was over the moon.
The time came and we entered the venue. Luckily, I got to be in the second row right in front of Isaac. After a bit of waiting and after the opening act, the guys entered the stage and started to play Where Is the Love. The audience was so energetic, singing and clapping to each verse of every song they played. At some point I took a glimpse of Zac smiling and looking to Isaac acknowledging the energy rush they all got from the crowd. They played so many old songs from every single album and some new songs from Red Green Blue. In-between songs Isaac made some beautiful remarks about how beautiful it was being there together and how it was better to be together. Music brings people together and we need more of this, especially now after the recent worldwide events from the past two years. Taylor’s solo was very special. He played Save Me and that moment was epic. Everybody sang along and Taylor sought eye contact with everybody in the audience which made it even more special. At some point he even made a remark about the audience singing, saying “Sounds good”, directing us into the acapella chorus.
Two hours went by so fast and at the end of the show we were clapping so hard and shouted for them to come back for at least fifteen minutes straight but unfortunately, they had a strict curfew. Isaac posted an IG story right after the show telling us how they appreciated us and how they could not come back as they had a curfew they needed to hold. He told us they will be back soon if we will be back.
There were people from all over the world at the concert: UK, Poland, France, Italy, Scandinavia, Australia. Music is an international language and as Isaac said, it brings us together!

Therese: Oslo
What an evening, what an experience!
And meet their teen idols, first crush! 25 years ago the walls were covered with Hanson posters of all sizes.  Zac and Taylor were framed in different shapes! We dreamed of being able to travel to see them live, which became too big a dream for such young girls! The dream was only in the girl’s room and maybe one day, one day we might be called Hanson by last name! That’s not how it turned out! We grew up, had children and it would take 25 years before we could finally say out loud ” we will see Hanson” ♥ ️ one of our big dreams came true. After giving birth and becoming a mother I have to say that this is coming close on the list of things one dreamed of! It was an experience I cannot describe in words, it was an unforgettable experience! It was a dream I never thought would happen more than inside the girl’s room of a little girl from Norway! The feeling we had as young girls when MMMBop was played again on M-tv and all tv channels and radios in the 90’s came back this June day in 2022! You want to scream out loud, you want to laugh, cry! What a feeling of happiness and what an experience! This is something I will experience again, again and again! Thank you, Taylor, Zac, and Isaac, for making the girl’s dream come true! I’ll be living on this for a long time. Xoxo Therese 35y 

Ane: Oslo
Hanson : The 3 Brothers who save me, again and again, give me strength, happiness and belief that I am enough.
My life has not been easy. As a little girl I was bullied a lot, and my parents split up and we moved far away from my dad. I didn’t get to see him much and my parents didn’t get along. Hanson came into my life in 97, and my dad knew how much they meant to me. He printed out pictures of them, played their songs on his guitar for me and he bought me every album they had made. The music was our thing. In 2003 my dad suddenly died of the heart condition he was born with. He wasn’t sick or anything. His heart Just stopped. My world fell apart and I was broken into pieces. Hanson saved me. I listened to their songs almost every Day. They were there for me; they were my comfort. I don’t know what I would’ve done without their music.
I am one of those fans who have waited 25 years to see them and meet them, and suddenly my dreams came true. All at once. Not only did I get to see my first Hanson show, front stage, but I won a meet and greet as well. And this was a happy surprise for me because I am not usually lucky to win anything.
Hanson are the most down to earth, kindest, inclusive people I have ever met. They care for their fans unlike any other band I know. And the show was amazing. It was everything. For a moment, I was standing there, in front of the stage, in the crowd, looking around me, and I thought to myself: this is happening! Dad, I am here! I am finally here!
I never really felt like I fitted in somewhere. And the last 5 years I have been struggling with so much anxiety and fatigue. But now I’ve met so many amazing new friends. Friends for life. My kind of People. Hanson brings People together. And my anxiety is so much better after all of this! It is amazing!
I am so proud to be a Hanson fan. I always have been and always will be.
I feel like I have started a new chapter in life, a new beginning. And I owe it all to Hanson.

These moments for fans of Hanson music around the world, never get old. For all they are as fresh and new as the rainbows, the sand and the sky, each time they are seen. Rambling Heart was played in Oslo. It was a tender, bare, vulnerable, and charming expression of the nature of this life, and an open invitation to all who wish to give themselves to it as companions.

” And the song plays and the road goes on forever”

With thanks to Simona, Therese, and Ane.

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