Tulsa Times #77: Peace Be The Journey-Taylor Hanson

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What do you wish for the man who has everything? Well, maybe that is a few words too far. No one can have everything or be everything that is blessed in life. So what do you wish for the man who has achieved so much in both his working, artistic and personal life by his mid 30’s?
At 36, Taylor Hanson has attained what many at the end of their lives would be content with. He is an entrepreneur with a thriving business, a musician with a large and respectable catalogue of songs, a family man with six children, an altruistic person who has a vision for the effectiveness of true community and a consummate performer who has held audiences in some of the world’s top venues spellbound.
At the end of the European and Australian String Theory Tour, some might just want to wish him a good rest and good health, as his own Instagram posts had suggested he was feeling the strain.

If aches and pains mean you are alive…I am in my Prime!! Thanks Sydney,Sydney,Canberra…rinse and repeat.

But if the past proves the future in any way, it may be as well just to wish him Peace Be The Journey.
From the earliest moments of performing Taylor has brought an almost indefinable ingredient to the mix of Hanson. There is some thing in his demeanour that is focussed, aware, receptive and completely indefatigable.
His stage presence has always lacked self consciousness or self aggrandisement. In fact he seems happiest when collaborating with others and bringing things to a meeting point alongside them.

An amazing tour this fall working with new collaborators in each city. Flashback to one of our favorite conductors in #Atlanta Maestro Albert George Jr. 

It has been a journey of determination for Taylor Hanson, from teen heart throb through independent risk taker, to confident and respected business man. Few can know the realities of the effort it takes to keep reaching beyond the present to the next thing and Taylor Hanson never publicly expresses any doubts or fears. Rather, his attitude seems to be as positive and hopeful as his smile is generous after a long round of selfies post show time.

What a great day to visit a waterfall #btti2019

His instagram profile describes him as “Creator, Rabble Rouser, ladder builder, Musician” and it would be hard to imagine that any of these are possible without a predominately optimistic and positive mindset.
The upbeat approach of the Creator, Rabble Rouser and Ladder Builder is revealed in the candid, adventurous and selectively curious posts that appear on his instagram. Taylor Hanson Instagram

Beautiful day sharing music and sunshine.

So as another year comes around and the depths of the sky are a few more miles within reach, we wish Taylor Hanson a very happy 36th birthday and much peace in the journey as it continues. A journey full of surviving the aches and pains, facilitating the meeting of minds and talents, showing up in the best places and sharing music and sunshine.

All pictures are credited to @taylorhanson Instagram with thanks.







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