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String Theory News

Hanson’s String Theory Tour is in the last few weeks of shows for 2018. It has travelled across the US and taken with it fans of every persuasion. Hanson’s long time audience has avidly supported this adventure and many who have not attended a show since 97-2000 have turned out to revisit memories or see what the band has become. The overwhelming response from the diverse crowd has been one of huge admiration and positivity.

People have been moved by the story told through the choice of songs and Hanson’s passionate performance. Some have deeply regretted losing touch with Hanson’s music and berated themselves for missing out on their later albums. Others have basked in the light of the sound created by the orchestration, feeling new depths in the music they thought familiar and falling in love again with this band’s talent and virtuosity.

Hanson have expressed their own joy at completing this project and taking it on the road. In both interviews and their social media Isaac, Taylor and Zac have spoken enthusiastically about performing this music and growing as musicians through the process. They have emphasised how String Theory is an opportunity to honour their own craftsmanship and collaborations and their audiences have been witnesses to that profound treasure.

We have collected some of the recent news of the tour and album release here.
If you on the road with Hanson enjoy, and if you have shows booked along the road, have fun.
And to quote Hanson’s latest signing motto – Keep Reaching.

On Point Radio Interview

Rolling Stone





Consequence of sound



All images are from the art work for the String Theory album by Hanson.


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