Hanson String Theory – On The Road

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Hanson String Theory – On The Road.

Today Hanson announced the full schedule of US shows for their Symphonic Tour, String Theory.

Along with the dates, they shared, via their newsletter, some insights into the structure of the story telling that is String Theory.

“HANSON’s most ambitious musical project to date features songs spanning the band’s career, including some of their best known material (“MmmBop”, “Where’s The Love”, “This Time Around” and more) alongside brand new or never-released-to-the-public songs (“Reaching For The Sky”, “Battle Cry”, “Breaktown”, “No Rest For The Weary” and more) which tell a story of aspiration, despair, fortitude and ultimately a return to optimism”.

This story is not unfamiliar to many Hanson fans who have been part of the “active global fan base” maintained “over 25 years after their founding”. Many fans have followed Hanson through the ups and downs of their 26 year career and never faltered in their respect and commitment to them. For them, hearing music that is well-known in a different context and underlining the journey as Hanson wish to recount it, will be a personal experience as well as a celebration of the band’s achievement.

Hanson shows are usually high energy, powerful, fast paced and exhausting with the band fully engaging the audience in an emotional and physical work out. With String Theory the experience is more reflective, with opportunities to make conceptual connections and walk the road with Hanson all over again. The colours painted by a full orchestra will create a more spacious picture and no doubt many listeners will find themselves lost in that music, pondering, remembering, wondering and framing moments.

“String Theory is the next frontier for HANSON, telling a story of aspiration and fortitude against the odds. The music resonates with authenticity, coming from a group whose signature is never to chase trends, but instead to stay focused on their melodic craftsmanship, establishing themselves as one of the few artists of their generation able to continually reinvent and reimagine their music”. Hanson Newsletter

This resonance was certainly in the air for those who went to String Theory in Columbus Ohio. Thank you to Symone, Kaitlin, Brittany and Danielle for sharing their experiences with us.

Reflections From Ohio

“The chance to sit out in the lawn in downtown Columbus to hear the first notes of this historical programme was truly mind-blowing. MMMBop was slowed down to a tempo that really drove the lyrics home, and new songs like Battle Cry all had such blissful harmonies.The strings gave YCSU a surprising and entirely fresh sound. The crowd was very mixed and unsure of itself, but the professionalism onstage was visible to the point of the guys actually looking nervous! Hanson’s vocals were a bit off at times, but overall I’m so proud of this challenging undertaking, the collaboration really has something for everyone.
I would say that recently, I’ve been in need of spiritual healing and this show was the unexpected but obvious cure for my ennui. The story of String Theory felt like a sermon written just for me, and I’m so grateful that they always go above and beyond to make every moment special”.  Symone

“The experience of String Theory is everything it needs to be and more than I ever dreamed it would be all at once. From the opening chords of “Reaching For The Sky” to the new beginning hoped for in “Tonight,” the show brings fans closer to understanding the true story of the band in ways we never have before.
The show is just that: the story of a band dreaming, struggling, and finally finding their place in the craziness of the music industry. The struggle of the Underneath era is deeply present in the middle of the show, with the tension coming to a head in the dark lyrics of “Siren Call” and the loneliness of “Me, Myself, and I.” The audience is left with a feeling of unease, finally feeling how the band must have felt. It is raw, but it is real.
In watching this show, I felt closer to the band than I have ever felt. The emotions involved in String Theory are not to be taken lightly. This is not the typical Hanson party that I am used to, but I am so happy to know this side of my favorite band. I am honored they decided to share it with me. And above all, I cannot wait to experience it again’.  Kaitlin

“I have butterflies with excitement as I see Isaac, Taylor, and Zac’s silhouettes through the fence as they did their pre performance huddle and then walked on stage. I take a sip of my MMMHops and the musical masterpiece begins. I had goose bumps throughout the show because: of the amazing orchestral arrangements, the guys all playing each instrument, hearing album, EP, and new songs, and enduring the musical ride of the story the guys created through the set list. It was a different atmosphere than a normal Hanson concert due to sitting at tables but that didn’t stop some of us from standing and dancing during the show. Taylor even encouraged it! The guys have followed their dreams by doing this tour, which made it for a very inspiring and powerful show. I am so blessed to be a part of the first String Theory Show ever”.  Brittany

“I attended Hanson’s opening show for their String Theory tour in Columbus, OH. I really didn’t know what to expect from this experience since I’ve never seen a symphony orchestra live. I had some idea based off of what I’ve seen Aerosmith do in the past, but didn’t want to expect anything in particular.
My friends and I arrived in Columbus a little early so we wanted to go to the Columbus Commons to see where the show would be for that night. In my opinion, it was the perfect place to have an opening show. It was a beautiful park in a very central zone in the city. People were coming and going like any other park you would see in Boston or Chicago, but a more relaxed setting to it. It was definitely a great place for non Hanson fans to pass by and get the chance to hear some incredible music. Sound check had already started we got to listen to a preview of that night’s show. I guess all I cam say about that was it already had me jamming out like it was the actual show! I decided to leave so I could get ready for the night and to not spoil what I would hear later.
When my friends and I arrived, we all had this feeling excitement. Everybody seemed to be in great moods. We all mingled around the park and talked with friends until the show started. We all realized many people there were not Hanson fans, but a lot of corporate people who were invited to the show by the companies they worked for. We all though for sure “Pssh…they won’t stay for Hanson. They’ll end up leaving”. To our surprise, Hanson took stage and gave a nice little opening speech on how and why they decided to do a show like String Theory, and the non Hanson fans were still there! It made me happy to see that even non fans were curious enough to see what Hanson was all about.
The show started with “Joyful Noise” and I was already in my zone; ready to sing and dance. However, due to people talking about symphony etiquette, I think many people weren’t really sure how to “act” at this particular Hanson show. For me, I found it very difficult and awkward to sit in my seat the entire time. Hanson music cuts right through me, fills my heart and soul, and make me feel alive. I wanted to enjoy the show my way and quickly decided to stand up and give the energy that the band’s music was giving me. I sang, danced, and clapped through the entire show and I’m not sorry for it one bit. Not only for the fact I refuse to look like statues to a band with an orchestra as backup, but also because my friends had asked Taylor after the show in Ottawa if we had to sit the entire time and Taylor said “No” and explained why. Since I didn’t want to feel lifeless during the show and because Mr Jordan Taylor Hanson himself said we didn’t have to, I felt it was more than appropriate to jam out during the show! Even during “I Was Born”, Taylor finally told the audience to stand up and clap. At that moment, it finally felt like a Hanson show!
The entire show was more than a dream. It felt dramatic with the orchestra added to the Hanson music, but still made you feel at home with the songs you’ve all sang together many times before. However, the energy was very different. I understand why though. Like I said before, the crowd were full of Hanson fans and non fans, and many people didn’t know how to “behave” during the show. I had a blast either way, looking forward to the album of String Theory, and cannot wait to attend more shows!   Danielle

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